Pulled out Cha Cha Cha with Mr. Flouride. Looked it up and they are getting $60 for it online. I could never sell it. I love my Linda...

Hey Glenn,
Glad you still have a copy. Had no idea they were going for that. Have to get on the ball about my complete works set!


Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say that you're the reason I started
playing bass! I never realised that you had your own website until not
long ago (stupid of me, I know) but you're a really cool guy. Would it be
alright to get an autograph, I'm a huge fan haha

Hey Chloe,
Always nice to hear I got someone interested in playing bass or for that
matter any musical instrument. Also that I'm a cool guy. That helps my already hugely inflated ego tremendously.
As for an autograph, either send a mailing address or if you want
something specific signed you can alays send it to my Post Office box
which is:
Klaus Flouride
P.O. Box 6480
Albany, Ca 94706


17-MARCH-2015 -MIKE

On your 1966 Fender Jazz bass, there was what appeared to be a black and white sticker just above the bridge. Any idea what it said? Thanks,Mike

Hey Mike,
That was a sticker that was on the desk at the hotel rooms we stayed at in Helsinki the first time we were there in the 80's.
It read "Ill in Helsinki?" and had a pamphlet with Dr's and hospitals.
The fact that it was a sticker made it need to be one of the early
stickers on that bass.

13-NOVEMBER-2014 - RON

Greetings from NJ. Looks like you've used the same Jazz bass forever now. Was just curious what you used to use (and currently use) for amplification & effects (if any). Thank you in advance!

Hey Ron,
Actually my jazz bass got stolen or lost by TAM airlines in Brazil on a
tour in April 2013. The one I use predominately now is a replica (chipped
paint, stickers and all) built by Tony Schroom from Schroom Custom Guitar Works. It plays really well, even maybe better as the pickups are newer etc. I also use a Fender Bass VI in other projects and sometime a Schecter Diamond Jazz bass. For pedals I have a Boss TU-2 and TU-3 for tuning, and a Boss Blues Drive for extra boost for certain parts. I prefer lower wattage amps as I like to find a sweet spot without huge volume, a little natural distortion. I own a GK 400 RB head and 2 JBL 2225H 15" speakers in separate cabinets which I use locally. When travelling I'll use anything preferably under 300 watts (Amprg, Orange) and almost any array of speaker cabs with the exception of Hartke as their metal cones are just to bright for me and tend to rip if I put too much square wave type distortion through them, they just aren't flexible enough for my taste. That's about it. Hope I've answered your questions to your satisfaction.

Great insight Klaus. I appreciate it. I've always love hearing about what one of my Hero's used to use and currently uses. Thank you for taking the time to go through your gear. Means a lot. Hope to see you in NJ soon. By the way, my "end all pedal" is a SansAmp Bass VT. Can get any tone. Classic to modern, slight "grind", to clean, to full blown distortion. Really nice to have all that in one pedal. Take care :)

19-DECEMBER-2014 - ROB

Hello, I'm looking to hire a bassist for a Fantasy records track I am recording. The drums are performed by Kenny Aronoff, and you'd make the perfect bassist. The song is a cover of the Kinks song "All day and all of the night". please let me know if you'd be interested and your rates for one song. thank you

Hey Rob,
Always interested in a project. Like that song also. How do you plan on linking tracks, sendit or dropbox or something like that? I'll Let you know off the site what I'd think of for rates after I find out what the level of technical stuff I would have to do is etc. This is of course assuming, being that I'm a tad late in responding, that the project is still in the process and not already finished. Hope to hear from you soon.



Hey Klaus I heard that your bass got stolen awhile back did you ever manage to get it back?

Hey Kyle,
Sorry for the way late response, doing some catching up on emails that seemed to have slipped thru the cracks. Short answer is no. Long answer is that but a luthier named Tony Schroom from Schroom custom guitar works, along with a good friend who
commissioned him made me an astounding replica that I use when I feel it's safe to take on tour. Don't want to lose that one too, so sometimes a Schecter Bass also.



> Howdy from ft worth. My question has probably been asked many many times, what strings do you use, mainly on plastic/in god we trust, and what strings would you suggest for a good punchy tone. I'm playing on a late 80s peavy foundation. Did you ever get your bass back??

Hey Taylor,
I usually use A Rotosound Swing Set or the GHS equivalent. Nickel plated, less wear on the fingers and no rust problems of the plain steel strings as I leave them on a long time. Steel is a bit more punchy, but as I change my strings so rarely the punch wears off within weeks, some say days after strings are on. Just my style to keep them on so they don't sound way too metallic but still rip.
And no, I never did get the original Jazz bass back, but a luthier named Tony Schroom from Schroom custom guitar works, along with a good friend who commissioned him made me an astounding replica that I use when I feel it's safe to take on tour. Don't want to lose that one too, so sometimes a Schecter Bass also.


7-MARCH-2015 - ANJA

Hi Klaus! I just learned that you will be coming to Hamburg, Germany in June! I am Julia's old roommate from 18th Street in the Castro, remember me? I will definetely come to your show and hope to be able to say hello to you then! Hope you are well! All best, anja

Hey Anja!,
Good to hear from you. This is a big plus with touring, re-meeting old
friends from bygone days. It'll be good to see you, we come out after the show to see and meet the people who came and I'm sure to see you there.


Only NOW
DO i

fully realise HOW good the

marvellous together alone

Rock On!

Bonnie Scotland UK

Hey Jerry,
Thanks, glad you think so. We had the same realization about Scotland just a while ago ourselves. Glad we're in sync.


3-MARCH-2015 - SAGAL

Hi, Klaus,I was just wondering: are there any pros and cons to touring alone, rather than making new music AND touring? Also, do you think that the new DKs lineup will ever release a new record?

Hey Sagal, Well, being that we all live in different parts of the country, Skip in Brooklyn, DH in LA, Ray and me in the east bay SF area, it's pretty hard and extremely time consuming and expensive to get together and write and bring songs to fruition worthy of recording and then releasing. The logistics of just getting in the same place for touring is even a bit much. we prefer not to be sending snippits back and forth via soundfiles. Our way of making songs has always worked better in the more old fashioned
organic way...playing for a while in a room, jamming ideas and eventually joining the good stuff together in the form of a song. We did some of that with Skip when he first joined in and came up with a few tunes which we then played out on tours, as well as being played with Rays group TheKiller Smiles.
Touring does get us out to play for wave after wave of people too young to have ever seen us back in the day and people who have just never seen us for whatever reason. The extra added attraction of this is also going out into the crowd and mixing after we play. Meeting the people who come to see us and care about our music is about the most rewarding thing and with very few exceptions (usually schedule driven) happens after almost every show.
Hope that answers your query.


11-AUGUST-2012 - RAY

Hi Klaus, Going through some old personal stuff today and I re-found what seem to be a sort of pre-setlist for the DKs show at the Olympic Auditorium, summer of 1984. I was at the show, got into the innards of the Olympic somehow, and found it----somewhere. The night, so many years ago, is a bit hazy. Anyway, it is written on the back of a Pac Bell phone bill. I googled the number on the bill and it is for Secret Studios, amazingly still active. If you are interested in having a look, send email address & I'll send scans. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on it. Thx and best, Ray

Hey Ray, Catching up on emails fallen through the cracks. Hope you're well and still at this address. In short, yes. If you still have that setlist, and I remember the show well, pretty sure Fishbone was on the bill and the '84 summer olympics were on in LA at the time. It may not be on the set list, but I'm pretty sure we opened with the Olympics Theme song. And, yes, Secret Studios is still there.
If you still have it and still feel like sending the scans send them to
info@klausflouride.com and i'll get them, hopefully not 21/2 year after you send it. Heh.


19-JUNE-2014 - MICHAEL

Hello Geoffrey. I worked @ Aquarius Records on Castro St from 1977-1981. I just read the Metro Times (Detroit) today and you gave a great interview. Best of luck @ St. Andrews this weekend. Do you have any relatives in MI? DO you ever return for visits? Again, best of luck
and I'm going to check out your solo stuff. Michael

Hey Michael, sorry for the late response and the empty earlier tries. Getting used to a new layout to my website. So yeah, thanks for the good luck wish. It seems to have had a good effect. The show was fine, the awesome thunderstorm while we were in Detroit brought me back to my old midwest roots. I miss that majestic weather. No relatives left in Michigan, but some friends from San francisco now live in the U of M area and they came out to the show so that was also good to reconnect.
About 10 years back I came out to visit them along with my then 10 year old daughter and we along with their younger kids went up to the Tawas area to Point Lookout where I used to go for summer vacations growing up. Also a nostalgic thing to do. Hope you like the solo stuff you check out, and take care.



Hey klaus this has been bothering me for years, What are the lyrics to gaslight? I can only find 3 recordings of the song and I can barley make out what jello is saying(the way he pronounces thing while singing makes it hard to understand). Anyways if you can help please do.

Hey Eric,

Sorry, I wish I could help you. Not to say I won't try. 6025 wrote the lyrics and I don't believe we messed with them because we didn't have a clue as to what he was thinking when he wrote them and he wouldn't ever tell. Sooo..I might try to contact him (a hard row to hoe) or we'll just have to let it be. I'm not sure if Biafra has it in written form but he's hard to get in contact with also unfortunately. But if either respond, you'll see it here!


Hello, Klaus-
I saw you in the DK a few times, always loved your tone. At 49 I realize you've had a large influence on my own bass playing. Thanks for your contribution to my formative years- Steve

Hey Steve,
Thanks. It's people out there like you that inspired us to do what we did
back then and to keep doing it as much as possible to this day.

21-SEPT-2013 - JOHNNY

What is your favorite song to jam to?

Hey Johnny,

That changes day to day, but today it was The Kingsmen's version of
"Comin' Home Baby". But that's just today.

11-SEPT-2013 - TODD

Back in 1994 my Cha-Cha-Cha With Mr. Flouride album was stolen with several others. I'd like to know if I could buy it from you.

Hey Todd,

It seems that's the hardest one to come by. I even searched ebay and nada. I'm hoping to get all the solo stuff re-released as either a best of
compilation or each separately, but that's sort of a hard pitch right now
in the state that the record companies are in with all the pirating. Maybe there's a pirate version out there somewhere, but I can't with good conscience suggest that to you or anyone in respect to other artists. I only have one copy left, and the master tapes, and alas, I'm afraid I can't bring myself to sell either to you. Keep looking and keep your fingers crossed (when possible). Glad you liked it.


5-SEPT-2013 - KEN

Hi Klaus. It's great to see you continuing to thrive in the music scene. To me the DKs were always the hardcore band with chops and a brain. Thank you for making teenage suburbia during the Reagan years tolerable. Ever since Cha Cha Cha, I always thought there was more to you than met the eye. Finding out you played with Billy Squire sealed it (and really made me chuckle). Keep on rocking. Ken

Hey Ken,

Thrive? That's a relative word in the music scene these days, although I'm happy to have reached the state that I'm in i.e. people finding my site and relaying to me, for the most part, positive experiences. As opposed to what you say (no offense intended) the Reagan years were basically intolerable, as have been so many years since them, but I'm happy that we helped make them more tolerable for some, you included sir. Since the 80's there's a lot more to me, but I digress, ...playing with Mr. Squire in the 60's was indeed a unique and pleasurable experience. It made me chuckle too at points.


30-AUGUST-2013 - DK FAN SINCE 1990

Hi, I wanted to mention how influenced by the Dead Kennedy's I was as a teenager. I bought posters, shirts and cassette tapes with my hard earned McDonald's paycheck.

Personally I think Jello sucked all the attention away from the band. He is like a fart in a elevator, overpowering. It's a shame that his personal hypocrisy effected the bands outcome.

Just know that your contribution is not without note.

Take care brother.

Hey DK fan since 1990,

Glad to know we influenced you and appreciate the use of your hard earned income. I think I cut Biafra a little more slack than you might, but that is indeed an amusing coroallry that you used. Glad that you see that we all contributed.



Hi I like your glasses.

Hey Martin,
I'll try to keep extra in stock.

24-AUGUST-2013 - JACK

I have followed the dead kennedys for years and I have a few questions for you about a former band mate of yours known as 6025. Question number 1 is it true that he died? Question number 2 what does 6025 stand for? Question number 3 what happened to him after he left the band? I know that you most likely haven't had any contact with him for years and you probabley want to respect his privacy, as do I, but I have always found some of the stuff he wrote very interesting and any information that you are willing to provide would be greatly appreciated.

a curious fan.

Hey Jack,
True, it has been sometime since I have had any contact but I can assure you that to the best of my knowledge he's still alive. The 6025 might have had some meaning to him but he never explained it to us if there was. After he left the band he played for a while with Snakefinger (who did work with The Residents as well as some very interesting solo work) and if you can find it he's on the video of "The Man in the Dark Sedan. After that he set to work writing a christian oriented punk opera, but that's about where the trail runs dry as to what he's been doing with his time and talent. His writing was indeed singular and very interesting.
Hope that helps some.


17-APRIL- 2013 - JACK

Hey Klaus, I saw your Tempe Az show a couple of months ago and I wanted to say your guy's playing was amazing that night. What's the story behind playing sweet home alabama?

Hey Jack,

Glad you liked the show. No deep inside political commentary with Sweet Home..., just what we thought was a fun idea. No real story, I think one time Ray just started playing the chords at the end of "Chemical" and we went with it and it was a goofy fun thing. We're allowed that and I think people either dug it or were bewildered. So that's the non-story story.


> hey klaauuss !!
man dead kennedys NEED come to brazil ! we have much fans in here !
come in brazil ! thank's

Hey Rodrigo,
Sorry it took so long for me to be able to tell you this, but YES we're coming to Brazil. April 18-21 we'll be playing in Curitiba, Americana, Recife and Sao Paulo. If you live close enough to one of these shows let me know here and I'll put you and 2 friends on the guest list ! Hope to see you there.

Ei Rodrigo,
Desculpe ter demorado tanto tempo para mim ser capaz de lhe dizer isso, mas sim que estamos chegando ao Brasil. 18-21 abril vamos jogar em Curitiba, Americana, Recife e São Paulo. Se você mora perto o suficiente para um desses shows me avise aqui e eu vou colocar você e dois amigos na lista de convidados!
Espero ver você lá.




Hello Aniel,

O.K. I realize this message is 5 years late. I'm trying to catch up on
email old and new but as we are coming to Brasil I thought I'd say thanks for the compliment. Your english is much better than my portugese.

Since we are coming to Brasil in April, if we are playing anywhere near
where you live and you would like to come to the show, let me know (here via email) and I'll put you on the guest list. It's the least I can do
after having you wait for 5 years for a response.


Olá Aniel,

O.K. Sei que esta mensagem é de 5 anos de atraso. Estou tentando pegar no e-mail antigo e novo, mas como estamos chegando ao Brasil eu pensei em dizer obrigado pelo elogio. Seu Inglês é muito melhor do que o meu português.

Uma vez que estão vindo para o Brasil em abril, se estiver jogando em
qualquer lugar perto de onde você vive e você gostaria de vir para o show, me avise (aqui via e-mail) e vou colocá-lo na lista de convidados. É o mínimo que posso fazer depois de ter você esperar por 5 anos por uma resposta.


30-DEC-2009/16-NOV-2011 - ANDRE (BRASIL)

Hi, Mr. Flouride! I'd like to know when will you, dead kennedys, come back here in Brazil? I have meet you in 2001, at Porto Alegre, and that was a big moment to me and for many friends of mine! Everyone I talk about that concert - for those ones who were there too - says that it was a unique moment! by myself... I cried a lot, I have to say... my forever favorite band... that was so impossible to happen: see you... and you're just the best alive... thanks, man... really love you... I'm a bass player (a good one, I think), and I started to real playing just after listen to your bass lines... wow... many feelings, kkk... thanks, man...


... Hey, Mr. Flouride!!!
We miss you in Brazil! It's been 10 years since the concert here, in Porto Alegre... it was great great concert... thanks a lot for that!!!
Let me ask you one thing: this Fender VI you have, have you used that to record "Chickenshit conformist"? I mean... You played this bass a lot in Bedtime, didn't you?Cheers!!!

Hey Andre,
So sorry for the delay. Things just get out of hand sometimes. So you might know we're coming back to Brazil, but unfortunately not to
Porto Alegre this time, and it's sad because we seem to have a lot of
friends there. That said, and if you haven't purchased a ticket yet, you + 3 of whomever you choose to bring will be on the guest list. But please get back to me if you plan to come. you can contact me here or on my (Geoffrey Lyall) facebook page.
Now to finally answer your second question: yes, that is the Fender VI on the whole "Bedtime" album. Hope you can find your way to one of the Brasil shows, if not best of luck and good health.


Hello, sir. I just wanted to take the time to say you are one of my favorite bands and The Dead Kennedys are the band that got me back into Punk Rock. You, sir have helped shaped the history of Punk and I wanted to stop by to say, thanks. Your a legend. Also, exactly how old is the bass you used with your time in DK? Looks ancient, but sounds new.


I saw Dead Kennedys in 2004 in London and it was an amazing gig. I was just wondering if D.K's were gonna come back to the U.K. it would be great to see you again


hey ! ive been a dk fan since i was 5 i wanted to ask you the last time you played in vegas about your thoughts on the original line up of dk's departure ,and when you will do a solo show in vegas--
thank you for making good music i owe a huge debt of gratitude to you and the rest of dk. --zack


Man, this is quite the weird trip for me. To say you and the Dead Kennedy's had an impact on my life and shaping who I am today would be an understatement. I got into DK at a time when I was just discovering my own musical tastes. I had no aspirations to become a musician of any kind at the time. I was drawn purely by Jello's message and forceful will to push an envelope nobody seemed to want to even touch with a rubber glove at the time.

Only a couple more years along in my teen years I discovered Les Claypool and Primus, and was sold on being a bass player from then on. Further influences, namely Mike Watt and Flea came to the forefront as well.
However, I never lost my love for the Kennedys, and revisiting your music on through the years with a bass player's ears and fingers gave me such an appretiation for you and your style. This is someone who kicked off songs like he owned them from the get go, carried them tightly as a good bassist should but threw in flourishes that let you know he was still there throughout. Your basslines have a true emotional range to them; urgency, fear. Even more technical bassists can't convey that, and it stuck with me. You are a monster of a talent! I'm a finger plucker and slap and popper myself, but if I rock "I am the Owl" I always grab a pick; it just sounds right.
Anyways, this is were things will get wierd. Please don't take me as a creep- "Twilight-esque" super-fan and stop reading. Just bare with it; I swear I'm going somewhere with this.

I am ashamed to admit, as a grown adult now, that the break up and subsequent lawsuit had an impact on me, namely in regards to how I viewed you as a person and my overall enjoyment of your work; DK and beyond. As I stated before, Jello drew me to the Kennedy's, and if so many piles of words from opinion pages, industry insiders and even, on occaision, from Jello himself were to be believed, you, DH and Ray were well paid money grubbing ho-bags whom had accomplished the most un-punk, pro-establishment, anti-DK thing you could do; you sued your band mate, the Jello Biafra no less, for money.

I will admit that I have never been 100% clear on all of the details, mainly because there are so many conflicting versions out there. But just the fact that this thing, this event occured, stuck in the back of my head for ages. It soured me on you, the rest of the band, and any subsequent listenings of the some f my favorite classics.

Eventually this feeling diminished over time.

My oldest son now has turned out to be an amazing musician himself. On drums he's somewhat a cross between Niel Pert and Travis Barker; really he's that good. Recently he has taken a keen interest in bass. One of the first things he learned (by ear, on his own no less) was the opening to "Forest Fire". I had to look up the tab myself.

My point is, I got over it, mostly, and continued to enjoy the music. But my opinion of you and the others had admittedly remained damaged.

This evening I stumbled upon your website from a Wikipedia link while I was futzing about on the internet out of boredom. I found this comments section and weird unwanted thoughts ran through my mind; "What an opportunity! Tell him what you think! He asked for it." Yeah, that was my smug, real-mature plan.

I started reading your answer page with an honest "ooh, lets see what this guy has to say for himself" attitude. The first that that really started to stand out to me, almost right off, was that you truly seem to answer everyone. Really. That's not something you can say for most other musicians with even a modicum of notoriety. Interesting. My thoughts started to shift a bit; "Maybe I'll just ask him. Ask him why, what the band and surrounding movement meant to him, blah blah". I continued to read the comments though, instead of just writing.

I read one response to a detractor and Biafra fan where you promoted Jello's current project and even gave out the show times. Wow.

What I came away with is this; whatever the reasons, you are a genuine person. Again, that is so rare amongst musicians. You really treat every person writing to you with an open ear and a personal connection. Even if responding to a douchebag whos damning with incoherent slurrs and bad grammer, you respond with intelligence, honesty and kindness.

At this moment I don't even care to ask anymore. You're a telented, good person who's probably dealt with his fare share of fallout from something I could never fully understand, nor do I feel I have a right to anymore.
It's a really cool thing when your perception of a person, especially one that was a role model at some time in your life, can be redeemed just by that person taking the time to, well, be a person to his fans and supporters. That's pretty effin' punk rock man!

Anyway, long rant over, sorry for that. Thank you for your time and the work you have put out! The world is definitely a better place for having you in it.

Hey Stephen,
Sorry for the delay in responding. That's becoming a catchphrase now asI'm so far behind on correspondence.There's not a whole lot left to answer in this email as it's more of a statement than a question, but i'm glad to hear it and respond all the same. So here goes, let's sort of take it section by section.

For starters, yes, I know how you feel. The whole thing has been a weird trip for me to in oh so many ways.

Glad we got to you and you liked what we were up to early on.

Good choices in your teen years. Mine were ruled by Willie Dixon, Jack Bruce (in the studio style Jack Bruce more so than the jamming style), Felix Pappalardi, and a bunch of others.

I have a style that I think is partly informed by the fact that I started out as a guitarist and then switched to bass. So sort of a more out front style was always a sort of unintentional result with guitar part undercurrents. Hell, outside of DK whenever I play bass now I use a Fender Bass VI, literally a bass guitar, not a baritone but a an electric guitar on a longer scale dropped an octave. 3 pickups, skinny neck, even a whammy bar. So there you go there.

Onto "the case" or "the split". Plainly put Jello did something wrong to his friends, denied it, tried to cover it up and eventually put us in a position of having to have a sort of reality check. In the end the trial came out in our favor if you can call a mess like that anyones favor. But we were vindicated in all counts even after appeals from Biafra's side. We didn't go for the jugular i.e. trying to ruin him as some suggested. It was a hard painful time and i'm glad it's over with. I don't tend to hold grudges and if Biafra ever felt a sudden whim to get and touch and say let's go out for a drink or whatever I'd be totally there. I believe people can and do change given time and so as weird as it might turn out I'd be willing to give it a shot. There. Done with that.

As far as the webpage, I am more than aware that 99.99% of musicians out there, brilliant ones to just plunkers rarely get a chance to receive the audience and praise that we have as a group and as individuals, so it's sort of paying back and saying thanks for noticing that I do this part of the site. And that you play and your son plays gives me a feeling that we're paying forward a bit too.

So i'm glad you took the time to write and sorry again for taking so long to reply. I'm a musician and therefore almost by definition fall into the not very organized catagory. That's why God made road managers.


Dear Klaus, As you are left-handed, I've always wondered why you don't play a left-handed bass. Can you? Could you?

Dear Bridget. Yes, Oh, No and No. The left hand does most of the work anyway has always been my theory. - Klaus


Hey there, Just saw you in D.C. Thanks for the pic and your John Hancock! Peace!

Hey John,
Glad you came out. Dang it was hot in there, but a great crowd, you included.

14-FEBRUARY-2013 - SID

Hey Klaus! I have always been a HUGE fan of the Dead Kennedys and proudly sport my "Bedtime for Democracy" Shirt as many times as possible. I just wanted to say that during your time in the Dead Kennedys, I saw an interview of you guys in Australia, and I don't nessesarally know why, but (you might not remember this, but) when the reporter asked you what the music meant, or what you were trying to convey, you said that it was "to get people out of their apathetic shells" or something along those lines. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I really loved that line in the interview (made me laugh, really) and am both a huge fan of the DK's and your new projects. -Sid

Hey Sid,
Thanks for the compliments. Glad the glib humor got a laugh outta you.Hope to have more new projects in the near future.


Was checking out some youtube vids of the the Dead Kennedys and saw my old co-worker from DHL rocking the bass. I was the 19-20 yr old form Hawaii that worked all the routes that later quit. Cool to see you on youtube. Take it easy.

Hey Paul,
I remember you well. You and your pesky napster collection! But hey, that was a weird gig yes? I quit fairly soon after 9/11 as it was impossible to do the pickups anymore with all the security through the roof. Plus it was basically time we were thinking of doing 1 show with DK's. That one show turned into a lot more than that and still going strong. Good to hear from you. Remember Ryan? He's in touch also.


Hi Klaus. My name is Ricardo, and i'm writing you from Santiago, Chile (South America). Me and my wife are truly big dead kennedys fans, since we were kids. In February we're going to travel to New York and, of course, we already have tickets for the DK concert at the Gramercy Theatre. We're very excited to watch and hear you guys. The thing is that we would like to give the band some gifts from Chile, so the question is if there is any chance to meet you guys before or after the show, in the same place or another (your hotel for example). It won't take more than a couple of minutes and it will mean a lot for us. Thank you Klaus. We're looking forward too see you. Cheers, Ricardo. (email removed) PS: Just to share it with you, I'm the singer in the chilean dead kennedys tribute band called "frankenchristo":

The long and the short of this story is that Ricardo did turn up with his wife in NY and we exchanged gifts and talked for a while. Nice people.


Hey Klaus!
I'm a 19 year old drummer, and I read your biography where you mention the jazz records you were exposed to as a young kid. I was wondering, has jazz continued to be inspiring/influential to you throughout the years?
If so, are there any specific artists and/or albums within the genre that have been especially meaningful to you?

Anyways, I love your work, both with the Dead Kennedys and otherwise. Just got The Light is Flickering in the mail today and I'm really liking it. I'm going to try to catch the DK's at the Gramercy Theater in February, in case I make it, I'll be looking forward to it, and if not, I hope to catch you guys some other time when you're in the area.
Thanks! -Steve

Hey Steve,

In short, yes. I like a lot of rock guys that are also inspired by jazz i.e. Jack Bruce (although I prefer Cream in the studio as opposed to the live cuts where it seems like no one is listening to each other), Willie Dixon, Jaco Pastorius, Bob Wright from No Means No is practically jazz and up and coming James Whiton (worth looking for). Tons more i can't think of right now. Mingus obviously.

Did you go to the Gramercy after all. It was a great gig or at least we had fun. If you did did you come up and say Hey?

Glad you're liking The Light is Flickering. If you can find Because I Say So that should be fun too. If not we're hoping to re-release the lot with some extra stuff thrown in.


Mazol tov! The site looks great! Go live and relax!

Hey Tanya,
Well, Bridget has effectively nudged me to do some catch-up work on the site. So here almost 6 years late is my thank you for the Mazol Tov!
Hope you're doing well in ...Seattle?...is it? Hope you still have the same email you had when you sent this.



i was here, let's drink beer, have you heard? don't wanna be famous, mum's the word.

Hey Paul,

Just doing a little ketchup. Sorry if i made you wait for the response. Let's play music in a band together sometime.
Cheers, -Klaus