Saturday, March 26th, 2016SHOW CANCELLED


Sunday, November 1st, 2015I'M BAAAAACK

Hi Klaus People,

I am very VERY aware of my lapse on this site and will start now to rectify that indiscretion.
Starting Nov. 2nd I will do some catch-ups on the mail and gig dates.
I'll try to keep this in my schedule, but I know me and i'm not perfect and may be imperfect once again.
But let's give it the old college try.
I'll look at some emails tonight with the hope of answering them on the morrow.

Until then I can tell You we (DK's) have some gigs in Texas in mid december. Dates and times to be posted as soon as I know the deets.
- Klaus

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015CATCHING UP

Hi Folks,

Woefully behind on replies on email, but keep an eye out for updates nearly every day until I catch up.

Tours with DK's coming up in South America and Europe, more details on that soon as well as new about when and where Gravy's Drop will be playing at at SxSW.

Watch this space. See you soon!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015Review -

Review from the sold out Roxy show. Thanks to all who came to all the shows this weekend!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014Dead Kennedys Announce Australian Tour Supports

KillRockStar Entertainment ....
September 4, 2014/in Latest News /by Little Johnny

Ahead of their Bedtime For Democracy Australian tour which kicks off at the end of the month, punk legends Dead Kennedys have just announced the full line up of local supports that will join The Bennies as supports for each capital city show.

At the special all ages show in Adelaide up and coming indie rockers Young Offenders will join The Bennies in warming up the crowd ahead of Dead Kennedy’s triumphant return to Australian shores. Over in Melbourne The Bennies will be joined by local punk rock juggernaut Wolfpack who have been flying the flag for the traditional ethos of punk and turning on crowds with a string of quality shows over recent months.

In Brisbane Sunshine Coast locals Drawcard will join The Bennies and continue to further their growing reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the country. Down the road in Coolangatta, Gold Coast’s finest Bitter Lungs will blast out a blistering set of loud, fast and technically brilliant heavy punk attitude. In the Harbour City genre bending soul punk trio Fait Acompli will unleash a swag of brand new tunes unto the Dead Kennedys faithful, while in Perth two of WA’s finest Chainsaw Hookers & Leeches will show everyone how punk rock is done in the West!

For fans of punk rock Dead Kennedys need no introduction. One of the most influential and essential bands of the hardcore punk generation Dead Kennedys along with their trademark breakneck riffs, shattering volume and enlightened political conscience ignited a flame that still burns as brightly in the hearts and minds of punk rock fans today as it did when the band first formed in the late 70’s.

Returning to Australia in 2014 Dead Kennedys have unfinished business to attend to after taking in only part of the country on their previous acclaimed visit in 2011. East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride, D. H. Peligro and Ron “Skip" Greer will be taking Dead Kennedys’ message against political apathy right across Australia this September and October!

KillRockStar Big Dog Entertainment & presents:

Dead Kennedys: Bedtime For Democracy Australia 2014

Tuesday 30th September Fowlers Adelaide (ALL AGES!)

With special guests The Bennies and Young Offenders /

Wednesday 1st October 170 Russell Melbourne

With special guests The Bennies and Wolfpack

Friday 3rd October HiFi Brisbane

With special guests The Bennies and Drawcard

Saturday 4th October Coolangatta Hotel Coolangatta

With special guests The Bennies and Bitter Lungs

Sunday 5th October HiFi Sydney *Public holiday eve*

With special guests The Bennies and Fait Acompli

Wednesday 8th October Mona Vale Hotel Mona Vale

Thursday 9th October The Entrance Leagues Club Entrance

Friday 10th October The Small Ballroom Newcastle

Saturday 11th October Capitol Perth

With special guests Chainsaw Hookers & Leeches

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014Back from the Tour

Back from DK's Euro (Belgium/U.K.) tour. Bleary eyed and jet lagged but plenty of great memories of cool people who came to the shows and talked and took pics and just generally had almost as much fun as we did playing for them. Thanks to all who attended.

Saturday, July 19th, 2014Between tours thank you's

Hey Folks,

Back from the DK's east coast tour which went swimmingly well thanks to all you people who turned out in droves. Also a tip of the hat needs to go to Reagan Youth who supported the first 1/2 and Downtown Brown who took us through to the end in fine style. Both great bands and fun people to be with.

Next will be Belgium and the U.K. starting off in the second week of August. Looking forward to that too! Hope to see all the folks from there who can make it and even some who can't!



Monday, July 7th, 2014... rare find! New/sealed surf music CDs - Thingie (1997) by Jumbo Shrimp - Klaus Flouride's surf band

... rare find! New/sealed surf music CDs - Thingie (1997) by Jumbo Shrimp - Klaus Flouride's surf band. Includes East Bay Ray (guitar) and The Neanderdolls. These CDs are now available for sale in Klaus's e-store -

Friday, April 25th, 2014Advance tickets now on sale for June 2014 Dead Kennedys shows

Thursday, April 24th, 2014Record Release

The latest album from Terese Taylor "At Your Mercy Circuit" is having it's release party Tonight April 24, 2014 @ Bottom of The Hill in S.F. It's a project we've worked on for a couple of years now (me producing and Terese Singing and playing her songs with a bevy of great musicians) and so I think it's about time I put up a cut from the album. Checkout "Briefcase" in the LISTEN section.
Cheers, - Klaus

Monday, April 21st, 2014Terese Taylor Album Release

Hi Folks,
Well it's finally coming out: The "At Your Mercy Circuit" cd and vinyl versions of Terese Taylor's Music that we've been working on for a while now (me producing and causing many disturbances I admit). I think we finally got there and it's cooked, broiled and even broasted to a fine perfection.
You should really check it out. Her site is called, oddly enough,
Go figure. There's earlier music there to tease you and I'll have links to the new album here by tomorrow.
How's that for service!!?!

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014UPDATES!!!!

Click on this box to see all the news that fits, as most does not fit in this little box.

So, lots to cover. Gravy's Drop @ SXSW was lots of fun, playing outside @ 6:30 just as it was cooling down a bit. Andy from an earlier incarnation sitting in, lo practice, first time I met him and he just fits in like a glove. Great guy, great guitarist. Then next in the News was an interview about Jumbo shrimp with Julie Pavlowski Green for her blogspot. here's the interview link with pictures and all:!

(also in the links section)

And FINALLY The story of the replica bass that Dot Fisher and Jim Hoadly commissioned to be made by a great luthier Tony Schroom.

Here's his description in detail. (Pictures will be in the photo's section soon if not already.)

Tony writing here:

Replica Klaus Flouride Dead Kennedy's 66 Jazz bass. The specs 34" scale length with 7.25 round lam rosewood bound neck with vintage heel adjust truss rod. Nut width is 1.50" Vintage mid 60's repro tuners. Aged Lake Placid blue metallic nitro cellulose finish, hand scatter wound vintage jazz bass pickups, wound by yours truly. 3 ply handmade jazz bass pickguard. Fender strap button, Fender control plate and knobs. The bridge is a Gotoh 201B-4. Reproduction stickers by Sean Murdock.

By the way, it also plays great!

A million thanks to Tony, Sean, Dot and Jim.

I hope to be worthy of it.

By the way, the Danmark "DK" sticker was impossible to find and so the graphics artist on the bass Sean Murdock did a fantastic job of re-creating it.

So this is the first post on this posted on April 9th. More to come.

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014Gravys Drop @The KnockOut Room, San Francisco

••••Show Announcement••••
Thursday, Jan. 2nd at the Knockout in San Francisco
White Knight
Terry malts
Gravys Drop w/Special Guest

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013freefcc appearance.

Well not really an appearance, but I'll be there talking on the microphone and maybe playing cuts and talking with Tony Schroom who is making the replica bass of the DK bass. Might be worthy of listening to. Go to the Links page and click!

Friday, September 27th, 2013Belated Thank You to Schecter Guitars

What with the craziness around the April loss of my Fender Bass and the subsequent back and forth with TAM Airlines in Brazil, it slipped by me to mention that Schecter presented me with a Black Diamond-J Bass which I used so far on the last DK's gig where we opened for Iggy Pop in Long Beach next to the Queen Mary. It is a great bass and a thoughtful gesture on their part to gift me the instrument. So there it is. Thanks Schecter!

Friday, September 20th, 2013Vallejo, California guitar maker replicating punk rock star's lost bass

By Rich Freedman/ Vallejo Times Herald

It took a man assigned to guard President Reagan to come to the rescue of a Dead Kennedy.

Actually, a Dead Kennedys' bass guitar. As in punk band from the 1980s and bass player Klaus Flouride.

Apparently, Flouride's 41-year-old Lake Placid Blue Fender Jazz Bass vanished after a March concert this year in Brazil.

Stolen? Maybe. Lost by the airlines? Likely, believes Flouride.

Whatever the reason, Vallejo guitar maker -- or "luthier" -- Tony Schroom is creating a replica of Flouride's coveted bass with the noted Dead Kennedy showing up to see the work-in-progress last week.

Both Schroom and Flouride are ecstatic that mutual friend Dot Hoadley connected the two after she inspired a once-downtrodden Schroom to attend a certified guitar-making school in Southern California last year.

"I'm humbled," said a grateful Flouride. "I've never had a tailor-made guitar."

These days, Flouride figured the guitar is more recognizable to fans than he is.
"It's sort of iconic," he said. "I change looks over the years. If someone saw a picture of me on the web page and it's not a 'Kennedys' page and they hadn't seen me since the '80s, they might not recognize me. But they'd recognize the bass, for sure."

Only Schroom and perhaps Hoadley could be as thrilled about the pending new-but-looking-vintage bass as Flouride.

"I'm stoked to do it. It (the bass) is iconic," Schroom said, happy about the pending credit for his new Shroom Custom Guitar Works.

As luck -- or coincidence, irony or alignment of the planets -- would have it, Schroom was a huge Dead Kennedys fan working as an elite Marine stationed in Washington, D.C. in 1983 when the DK's played at a community center near by.

Though Schroom said he "doesn't like to fight," he was, he said, "trained to kill by the FBI."

So when a trouble-maker picked on a petite female Dead Kennedy fan, Schroom came to her side and flattened the bad guy. The band noticed.

"Jello Biafra runs up on stage, gets behind the microphone and says, 'He goes back stage!'" to Schroom.

"So I go backstage with my Marine buddy and we hung out with the Dead Kennedys," said Schroom.

Fast forward decades later. Hoadley's known Schroom for years, watching him zombie through an ugly divorce and having no answers for his future.

"He didn't know which way to put his energy," Hoadley said, calling her mild-mannered friend "a heart on two legs."

"I just decided to do this tough love thing with him," Hoadley said. "I sat down with him and talked about what he would like to do and he couldn't stop talking about guitars for three hours."

Hoadley's father worked for the Veterans Administration and found G.I. Bill funding was there for those who fit the requirements. And Schroom did.

"Everything fell into place," Hoadley said. "All of a sudden, things started happening."

Hoadley said that matching Flouride and Schroom was "a paying it forward type stuff,"

"They're great people, both of them," Hoadley said.

Schroom has been on a natural high since Hoadley presented the job of replicating the missing bass.

Here's a guy who wore black leather, studded belts and black boots while on liberty from the Marines.

Odd for the presidential security, sure. But that's who Schroom was, he said. And he wasn't alone.

"Three of us were really into punk rock," Schroom said. "This was a highly elite unit of straight-edge punks with the highest security clearance for military."

After the intense training at the guitar school 14 hours a day, six days a week, Schroom believes he's ready to recreate Flouride's trusty blue bass.

Schroom was going to surprise Flouride with the replacement of the bass made of maple, rosewood and alder.

"But instruments are so personal," Schroom said. "So I called him and said I'd really like to get some input."

Flouride, an Albany resident, may not have his noted Fender back, but he gets one that looks -- and, hopefully plays -- like the original.

"I'm just a little overwhelmed by this whole project," he said, recalling one other time his bass went AWOL -- but was returned.

"The bass was sent to Ethiopia when I was going to Milan," said Flouride. "But I got it back a day after a gig, so I borrowed someone else's."

While the missing instrument does have a long history with Flouride, the musician said he was never to the point of leaping off the Bay Bridge, new one or old one. A 19-year-old daughter helps keep everything in perspective. "I'd like to get the bass back, but (more importantly) my kid's healthy," Flouride said.

Still, the instrument he bought for $200 -- getting the seller to reduce the $250 asking price -- is probably worth about $18,000 today. Don't expect to see it on a "Pawn Stars" episode. "That's not going to happen," Flouride said. "The guys on Pawn Stars would recognize something like that and call the cops."

The San Francisco based Dead Kennedys toured from 1978-'86, reuniting sans Biafra in 2001. It's said the band never intended to insult the Kennedy family, only to "bring attention to the end of the American Dream," according to Biafra.

Monday, September 2nd, 2013UPDATES!

Hi Folks,

As usual way behind on mail but starting a new system with hope of catching up on new and ancient alike.

Also working on production of the new Terese Taylor project (as yet unnamed). It's sounding great. Keep an eye out here and at for further details.


Wednesday, July 10th, 2013THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY!!!!

Saturday Night! July 20!! @ The Stork Club in Oakland!!!

Monday, May 20th, 2013Lost luggage, lost instruments - Brazil - Please help

Hello Friends,

My name is Geoffrey Lyall although i'm better known as Klaus Flouride of the band Dead Kennedys. Please read what I hope is an understandable translation in Portugese below.

In April we played 4 shows in Brazil. We played in Curitaba, Americana, a festival in Recife, and Sao Paulo. We loved playing for the fans there. Brazilian fans are the among the best in the world.

During our stay there we used exclusively TAM Airlines. Unfortunately they handled our luggage in a very unfortunate way, causing us to have to use borrowed equipment from the band Fang (who we were traveling with) and the other bands in the some of the venues. This is becaus TAM lost our guitars and luggage continually. We had one night with our own guitars. And then it happened. They Lost both East Bay Ray's guitars and my bass that I've had for 40 years and played nearly every Dead Kennedy's show with since 1978. They now seem to be "lost" for good or somehow stolen from TAM's baggage system. Here are pictures of my bass and I'll soon have pictures of East Bay Ray's double guitar case and guitars on later posts.

If anyone reading this can give us any help please write or message us at:

We will Check everyday. There will be a reward offerd, no questions asked, for the return of any of these instruments.

Thank you all for you good wishes and help.

Klaus Flouride for Dead Kennedys.

Olá amigos,

Meu nome é Geoffrey Lyall embora eu estou mais conhecido como Klaus Flouride da banda Dead Kennedys. Por favor, leia o que eu espero é uma tradução compreensível em Português abaixo.
Em abril fizemos quatro shows pelo Brasil. Jogamos em Curitaba, Americana, um festival em Recife e São Paulo. Nós amamos tocar para os fãs de lá. Fãs brasileiros são os entre os melhores do mundo.
Durante a nossa estadia lá foi utilizado exclusivamente TAM Linhas Aéreas. Infelizmente, eles lidaram com a nossa bagagem de uma forma muito infeliz, levando-nos a ter de usar o equipamento emprestado da banda Fang (que estávamos viajando com) e as outras bandas do alguns dos locais. Este é TAM becaus perdido nossas guitarras e bagagem continuamente. Tivemos uma noite com as nossas próprias guitarras. E então aconteceu. Eles perderam guitarras de ambos East Bay Ray e meu baixo que eu tive durante 40 anos e jogou quase todos os mortos show de Kennedy com desde 1978. Eles agora parecem estar "perdido" para o bem ou de alguma forma roubado do sistema de bagagem da TAM. Aqui estão fotos de meu baixo e eu vou ter em breve fotos de estojo de guitarra dupla de East Bay Ray e guitarras em postagens posteriores.

Se alguém ler isso pode nos dar alguma ajuda por favor escreva ou mensagem-nos em:

Iremos verificar todos os dias. Haverá um offerd recompensa, sem perguntas, para o retorno de qualquer um desses instrumentos.

Obrigado a todos por você boa vontade e ajuda.

Klaus Flouride for Dead Kennedys

Saturday, April 27th, 2013BRAZILLLLLL! (to be sung to the tune of the song "Brazil")

OK. Time to report in.

Short Story: Brazil fans are ridiculously incredible. THANK YOU BRAZIL. Beautiful country, great food, weather ranging from bay area weather to tropical this time of the year. In short, the shows went great and the fans made them all the more so.
On the hard side is there was lots of luggage lost off and on by American and TAM airlines, my bass STILL TO BE RECOVERED. Hopefully it is still in the TAM airlines baggage system (if you can call it a system). So fingers crossed. I want my precious (to me at least) DK's bass back.

Saturday, April 20th, 2013Silent auction donation - to benefit the Hern Family of Martinez, California

18-April-2013 - Framed photo donation of Klaus Flouride. Silent auction ends Thursday, April 28, 2013.

Silent auction to benefit the Hern Family of Martinez, California - whose 11 year old son Aaron was injured by shrapnel at the Boston Marathon bombings .... auction ends Thursday, April 28, 2013 at 8:30PM PST

Thursday, April 18th, 2013Incredible audience in Curitaba, Brazil

We played to an incredible audience in Curitiba, Brazil tonight. Incredible people and, IMHO a pretty good show even without the all the pre show problems. I think we did good. (and whomevers [grammer police] bass I used, I didn't get to thank you man, but thanks).
As Dirksen used to say, Onward and upward. Looking forward to what everyone on the trip is calling, in honor of Adam..the "No sleep 'til Sao Paulo" tour. Gotta crash now because it's really the last chance to get horizontal for 3 or 4 more days.
cheers –Klaus

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013Lost luggage, no instruments

In Brazil now but still no luggage until tomorrow (oh, thank you so much American Airlines, great handling of luggage loss after denying you were responsible for it at all [grrrr]) and that means which means no DK bass tonight or guitars or pedals, but our crew here did a grat job of rounding up really decent back up instruments. That part I'm serious about. But I pity the fool who has to sit next to me tomorrow n the plane back to Sao Paulo after wearing these clothes 3 days and then doing a show in them. Wonder if TAM irlines offer complimentary nose plugs. On the bright side it's just a 1 hour flight and we get our luggage. I'm gonna chang clothes in a stall at the Sao Paulo airport but that probably falls under the category of TMI.

Monday, April 15th, 2013Brazil

Off to Brazil tomorrow with DK's for a whirlwind tour! Yay. Brazil!

Saturday, March 16th, 2013Brazil soon and catching up with letters.

Hey folks. Brazil with DK's in april. Looking forward to that although would like to stay longer (like a month or so) than the tour allows us. But still buzzed all the same.

Also catching up on correspondence. And starting out with a long one that took a while to get back to. I'm probably going to do a lot for a while out of chronological sequence as some folks have been waiting for a while or probably given up on getting an answer at all while others are newer but may something along the lines of "Hey, How ya doin'?" all of which deserve a response, but seeing that I do it myself and type unbelievably slow, it'll just have to go as it goes. So have patience. I'll get to you eventually if all goes as planned.


Sunday, February 17th, 2013We survived the crazy snow in the northeast!

Well, we've been back for a few days from theDK's Midwest to Northeast tour. We managed to dodge the snow. We flew into Toronto the day before the show. The airports were all shut down in the area day of the show so phew, we got to play. Thanks for all the people who came out in the pretty brutal weather, most shows sold out, if not we were 80% there. A blast! For DK's Brazil is next in April. For me a Go-Going-Gone Girls gig in S.F. March 1st. Hope to see you all sooner or later.


Sunday, December 30th, 2012Finger Crossed one and all.

Lot's of things to consider this year. Find your most personally important things in your life, be they personal or global, and give them your all. That's what I intend to do. Fingers crossed that all of us can make some positive differences in our lives and the lives of others.

Thursday, October 25th, 2012thanks for turning up at the latest shows and a problem with email replies.

Hi Folks.

Firstl a huge thank you to all of you who've been attending the latest group of shows on the DK's tours as well as those of you who also attended the G4's and Legendary Stardust Cowboy shows. It sure is fun to be playing shows for such a great bunch of people.

Having a bit of a problem with backslashes appearing on all my email responses. Now that I've finally set aside some time to catch up there's this problem. Have patience and we'll get to some more replies.



Thursday, July 19th, 2012Go-Going-Gone Girls + Aquamen Show Thanks

Hey Everyone! (that should cover just about everyone)

Such a good time was had at The Hemlock Tavern with The Whoosie Whatsis and The Go-Going-Gone Girls and the ever incredible Aquamen, that we want to thank you all (those who attended and those who thought it might be a good idea but couldn't make it).

So..ahem...We Do Indeed Thank You.

Maybe we'll do it again sometime...(hint hint)

Cheers Klaus

p.s. Watch this space as more announcements are apt to happen very soon. Another hint hint would be just a bit too much but take heed and click the RSS button.

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012Fun on June 15th

Hello Everyone!!!
A late update as is my want.
Thanks again to Chicken John for putting on a great show "The Barn Dance" with Toshio Hirano "The Japanese Yodeling Cowboy" a truely nice guy and a very vintage Jimmy Rogers voice. Chablis, who is just plain unexplainable, and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy who tore the place apart. The turnout was sold out and the decor, ...well let's just say it was a littile bit of Amirillo in San Francisco. Also thanks to Josh Lindenfelzer for thinking up a good show for The Ledge and spinning some vintage 78's. Thanks again to Chicken John and all who turned out.
More soon on some DK's shows in the works VERY SOON! Look out N.Y.C., Europe and in the fall west of the Rockies!



Sunday, March 11th, 2012A Great Time on March 2nd!

A Thank you to all the people who came out to The New Parish Last Friday (Marc 2nd) To See The Legendary Stardust Cowboy as well as Peligro, The Killer Smiles and Flipper. It was indeed almost too much fun.

Sunday, November 20th, 2011Some good gigs were had

Hey Everyone,

Getting ready for the holidays and rainy weather. We did have some fun gigs though with The Go-Going-Gone-Girls playing a bill with Beachkrieg and Meshugga Beach Party, both worthy of checking out.

Also a couple of gigs with The Legendary Stardust Cowboy who's Anthology CD set may actually be out before Christmas. According to The Ledge"It'll be a good stocking stuffer, better than a radiator because it'll fit!"). His words.

More soon on the horizon. Keep in touch.


Tuesday, October 25th, 2011NPR Story - Rocksmith: Guitar Hero Gets Real(er) by Laura Sydell

Paul Cross, creative director of Rocksmith, plays the game at a demonstration event in San Francisco, Calif.

Published: October 25, 2011

by Laura Sydell

Music-based games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, which let you play along to popular songs with fake instruments, once ruled the video game industry. They raked in billions of dollars in sales in 2008, when their popularity was at its peak. But such games have since lost their luster, and sales for both have plummeted. Now the French video game publisher and development company Ubisoft is hoping to revive interest in the video game genre by adding a new twist — the ability to use a real guitar.

Four years ago Ubisoft acquired and adapted technology that allows gaming systems similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band to recognize and process the notes you play on your guitar. Paul Cross was charged with incorporating this technology into a new video game — which meant first learning how to play a guitar.

In the end, he and his team came up with a game they call Rocksmith that turns learning how to play a guitar into what Ubisoft hopes will be fun challenge. But Cross and his team's goal wasn't just to make an instructional video.

"I don't know if you're a big fan of watching learning DVDs but they're pretty scary," says Cross — they can be intimidating. "We make video games and they're not meant to be scary in anyway shape or form."

So for those of you who have an electric guitar in the attic, this game could be the reason to dust it off. Ubisoft designed Rocksmith so that you can plug your guitar directly into your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, give it a strum and the game will handle the rest.

To start, it will automatically sense that the guitar is out of tune and teach you how to tune it — a first step for every beginner — you just tighten and loosen the guitar pegs until a meter on the screen hits zero.

Rocksmith's lessons break down the guitar components of popular songs: a color-coded system for each string indicates where to hold each string down while strumming a chord or picking out a solo, all while the song plays in the background.

The game also adjusts itself based on its assessment of your skill level. Depending on how well you are playing a given song, the game will simplify the note structure or make it more complex. Cross says the game even notices when you keep having a hard time on one particular part of a song. If you're struggling, he says, Rocksmith will "suggest a challenge to take for that section so that you can get better and better and better."

Theresa Sawi — a guitarist who performs under the name A Girl Named T — and another guitarist, Garrin Benfield, were invited by Ubisoft to check out the game. They both found that it made them anxious, even though they both have been playing for years.

"The thing that's most challenging, I found, having played guitar for all these years, is it's asking you to stare at the screen and go, 'OK ... 9th fret ,'" Benfield says, "and you're sort of accustomed to glancing down at the guitar; not just staring at a screen."

Rocksmith might teach you how to play along with Rocksmith, but will the lessons stick once your guitar is unplugged from your Playstation? Sawi thinks not.

"It doesn't have any note names. It has fret numbers," she says. "No, I wouldn't use it to teach — unless it had scales or something. That would be fun."

It doesn't have scales, but it does teach various guitar-playing techniques. It has little mini games where you master bending the strings and palm muting. That was baffling to Klaus Flouride, who plays bass in the punk band The Dead Kennedys.

"No. No. No," Flouride says while struggling with the game. "It doesn't tell me what the heck that was about. Help me. What did I just not do? Oh boy."

Rocksmith also has a rehearsal space where you get get better at your songs before going on stage. The game's space has a nice leather couch and an oriental rug. Flouride says it isn't exactly what his rehearsal spaces look like — for one, they're aren't any empty beer bottles. "There's usually three bands sharing 'em and there's piles of amps all over the place," he says. To him the game looks like a sterilized version of rock and roll.

Rocksmith is a game. You win by getting better at playing the songs, which leads to bigger and bigger audiences — all girls — until you're playing stadiums filled with girls. Flouride has played actual stadiums before, but he says in real life the foot of the stage is usually filled by guys.

Flouride isn't winning the game. "I'm gonna flunk it," he says. "I can play this song, but I can't follow their instructions." The game ranks him as an amateur.

But if you don't play guitar and you haven't played big clubs — and that is most of us — it's kind of fun to imagine, to finally get some use out of that guitar that's been hibernating in the attic. According to the National Association of Music Merchants about 2.7 million guitars are sold in the U.S. every year. Ubisoft is counting on the people who bought them to be more into pulling one out for a game than they would for an instructional DVD. [Copyright 2011 National Public Radio]

MELISSA BLOCK, host: From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Melissa Block.

MICHELE NORRIS, host: And I'm Michele Norris. Games like "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" let you play along to popular music with fake instruments, but sales for both games have plummeted. One company is hoping to revive interest in that genre by adding a new twist: a real guitar. As NPR's Laura Sydell tells us, real guitarists are finding the game a little too hard.

LAURA SYDELL: Four years ago, the game maker Ubisoft acquired an unusual technology.

PAUL CROSS: It could recognize notes you were playing on a guitar.

SYDELL: Paul Cross was charged with using this technology to create a game, and that meant learning how to play a guitar.

CROSS: I don't know if you're a big fan of watching learning DVDs, but they're pretty scary. We make video games, and they're not meant to be scary in any way shape or form - scary, intimidating-scary.

SYDELL: Cross and his team came up with a game they called "Rocksmith," that turns learning how to play a guitar into what they hope will be fun. All you have to do is pull out that electric guitar that's been collecting dust, plug it into your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, and give it a strum.


CROSS: It says it's out of tune, then automatically brings up the tuner, of course, because you're playing a real guitar. You have to learn how to tune the guitar as well, and it has to be in tune.

SYDELL: The game makes that pretty easy; just turn the tuning pegs until a meter on the screen hits zero. "Rocksmith" teaches you how to play the guitar parts of rock songs by using color coding for each string, and showing you where to hold down the string on the neck to play notes in a solo, or which combination of strings to fret for a chord. It does this as the song is playing, and it adjusts how much of the song you play based on how good it thinks you are.

CROSS: Oops, missed it. Now, you saw the notes disappear because I missed.

SYDELL: So Cross has to play fewer notes. He says the game even notices when you keep having a hard time on one particular part of a song.

CROSS: And then suggests a challenge to take for that section so that you can get better and better and better.


THERESA SAWI: Ooh. Wow. That's really panic-inducing.


SYDELL: Is it, really?

SAWI: Like, coming at you so fast.

SYDELL: That's guitarist Theresa Sawi. She and another guitarist, Garrin Benfield, are checking out the game in my living room.

GARRIN BENFIELD: I haven't hit a single note it wanted me to hit there.


SYDELL: They both find the game anxiety-producing.

BENFIELD: The thing that's most challenging, I found, having played guitar for all these years, is it's asking you to stare at the screen and go, OK, ninth fret, you know. And you're sort of accustomed to glancing down at the guitar, not just staring at a screen.


SYDELL: But is "Rocksmith" a good teaching tool?

SAWI: No, not really.

SYDELL: Sawi teaches guitar.

SAWI: It doesn't have any note names. It has fret numbers but, no, I wouldn't use it to teach unless it had scales or something. That would be fun.


SYDELL: "Rocksmith" does rate your playing.

You got a groove bonus.

BENFIELD: A groove bonus - now, that's cool. It's like, all the notes were wrong, but your groove is good.

SYDELL: The game tries to teach various techniques through extras, where you can master bending the strings and palm muting.


SYDELL: That was baffling to Klaus Flouride, the bass player from the punk band the Dead Kennedys.

KLAUS FLOURIDE: No, no, no. It doesn't tell me what the heck that was about. Help me. What did I just not do? Oh, boy.

SYDELL: "Rocksmith" is a game. You win by getting better at playing the songs, then you get bigger club audiences - all girls - until you're playing stadiums filled with all girls. Flouride has done this in real life, but he says the foot of the stage is usually filled with guys. He's having a harder time getting himself into the virtual stadium.

FLOURIDE: OK, I'm going to flunk it. I can play this song, but I can't follow their instructions.

SYDELL: The game ranks Flouride an amateur. "Rocksmith" also has a rehearsal space, where you practice your songs before going on stage. The game's space has a nice, leather couch and an oriental rug. Flouride says this isn't exactly what his rehearsal spaces look like.

FLOURIDE: They're chaos, basically, usually. Three bands sharing them; piles of amps all over the place.

SYDELL: This is definitely a cleaned-up version of rock 'n' roll.

FLOURIDE: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Sterilized.

SYDELL: The room is also missing empty beer bottles, but this is a family game. If you're not a professional guitarist - and that is most of us - it is kind of fun to finally get some use out of the guitar I've been moving from house to house for the last - well, I'm not going to say how many years. OK, here I go.


SYDELL: Ubisoft, the company that makes "Rocksmith," is counting on people like me. According to the National Association of Music Merchants, about 2.7 million guitars are sold in the U.S. every year. Laura Sydell, NPR News, San Francisco.


ROLLING STONES: (Singing) I can't get no satisfaction 'cause I try and I try, and I try and I try. I can't get no, I can't get no... Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright National Public Radio.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011DK's play to 100,000 people at Bogota festival

Hey Everybody,

Just sending out a big thanks to the people in Colombia for coming out to the Rock al Parque Festival in Bogota on July 3rd. Over 100,000 strong were there to see us play. Lots of other great bands there too including Black Uhuru and DRI. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the experience. More later as soon as I mentally recover. Whew!!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011Special limited edition autographed CD for sale

Announcing the Klaus Flouride estore - - where one can purchase a special limited edition autographed & numbered CD commencing in June 2011. Cover design by Eric Goodfield. 50 of each design are available for sale.

3 takes are altered mixes from previous releases (Uncle Bill the most radical re-mix, El Syd had credit dialogue and now is just the bolero style music bed, Ships Upon The Bay is a re-edit and All it Takes has never been released on any album. - Klaus

1. Uncle Bill
2. Ships on the Bay
3. Two Jewels
4. All It Takes
5. El Syd
6. Plaid Shirt
7. Akiko

Friday, June 3rd, 2011e-store for the UK now online

Friday, April 22nd, 2011Late Shouts out to Australia

Hey All,

We are indeed back from out all too short jaunt to Australia. all three shows were indeed a lot of fun. We also had a great crew consisting of Bigsy, Brad, Chris and Josh so things ran right and pretty much on schedule. Also good to see some friends from U.S. via New Zealand as well as some faces we saw the last time we played there (lots came out) in 1983. A good time was had by all. hope it won't be 28 years before we go there again. Maybe then we'll actually get to Perth.



Tuesday, April 5th, 2011Daily WTF: The Beatles Recast As Dead Kennedys?

Posted by Patrick McEachnie - 04/05/11 at 12:04:57 pm

Artist Kota Ezawa has for some reason been inspired to reanimate The Beatles (via their 1964 Ed Sullivan appearance) into Dead Kennedys with an animated performance of their canonical “California Uber Alles". “Beatles Uber Alles" is an odd little video, but kind of neat at the same time. Check it out below if you’re into The Beatles‘ caricatures or if you need an excuse to rock Dead Kennedys at the office (you don’t).

Friday, March 11th, 2011Thanks to all the Peep's who turned out to the last few shows

Thanks to all the Peep's who turned out to the last few shows in which I had the pleasure to partake. The Go-going-Gone Girls @ the El Rio was a blast with special mention going out to Lani. A girl who really knows how to make sure she has as good a time on her birthday as everyone else and visa versa.

And The Ledge Show @ The Knockout where special mention has to go to A: The Chuckle Berries, WAAAYYY TOOO much fun, and @Andrew Pejack for finally providing The Ledge with a suitable guitar.

Thanks all the way around.

Friday, March 11th, 2011Supports Announced for Dead Kennedys Shows!


With April looming, supports have been announced for the very special three-date Australian tour of punk rock legends, Dead Kennedys. A select handful of our finest local punk acts have joined the shows; The Duvtons, Dementia 13 and Rust.

Classic Aussie outfit The Duvtons will open in Melbourne at Billboard on Wednesday 6th April. The Duvtons have made waves throughout a long and lasting career in the punk world with their hard-hitting live shows.

At Brisbane’s Hi-Fi on Thursday 7th April, Dementia 13 will take the stage. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, the lads have been forging their way into the Australian punk scene and have successfully insulted audiences from all corners of the Gregory’s road maps.

Rust is a Sydney group featuring members of some of Australia’s most prominent punk rock bands including Crucified Venus, Crankcase, Rule 303, World War 24 and Black Rose. Rust will open for Dead Kennedys in Sydney at the Manning bar on Saturday 9th April.

Dead Kennedys formed in San Francisco in 1978 when vocalist Jello Biafra answered a music paper advert placed by guitarist East Bay Ray. They then added Klaus Flouride, drummer Ted, and a second guitarist known to posterity simply as 6025. The latter soon departed, while Ted was replaced in 1981 by D.H. Peligro. Lead vocals are now sung by former Wynona Riders singer Ron “Skip" Greer. Live, Dead Kennedys are a combination of chaos and theatrics. With their current line-up they still perform with the same thrills that made the Dead Kennedys the name that it is. Two new Dead Kennedys DVDs are out now through Xelon Entertainment – ‘The Early Years’ and ‘In God We Trust’.

Tickets on sale now. Get on board!

Tickets available from and

Tickets available from

Tickets available from and (1300 762 545)

Source: Blunt Magazine (Australia)

Saturday, February 19th, 2011Getting up to date!

Hey, first off I want to say a belated thanks to The Pinz for their great support on the December-January DK's Florida shows and The Disciples and Ol' Cheeky Bastards for the support on the February Northern California mini tour. All of the bands made for good music and good company. Cheers for that.

Next we're off to Japan and Australia in April. More on that as it gets closer.

Also to note. The elusive exclusive limited run Klaus sampler CD is getting closer to being a reality. Stay tuned here for more info, But it's going to be is.

Friday, February 11th, 2011Review - Dead Kennedys/Flipper Homecoming, The Metro, Oakland, CA

This guest post comes from Genji from Los Angeles. Look for more metal/punk posts from our California correspondent in the coming year.

Last weekend I went back home to San Francisco for my friends’ 40th birthday. Wanting to prove to ourselves that we might be old in body but not in spirit, we decided to jump into the ‘hot tub time machine’ which took us to The Metro in Oakland, California for the Dead Kennedys/Flipper homecoming show.

Yes, it IS 2011, and yes I said the Dead Kennedys and Flipper. Neither of us had ever seen these two punk rock institutions so onto BART we hopped and headed across the bay. On our walk to the venue we met a group of 18 year old punk girls and guys who were following us to the show. We thought they would deride us for being old and bunk, but they actually thought it very cool that we were still going to shows in the twilight of our lives. As I realized these kids were way too young to know anything about two of the most seminal hardcore bands to ever come out of the Bay Area punk scene, a flutter of hope ran through me that kids these days can actually appreciate what great punk rock is all about….

After meeting up with more old folk for some pre-show beers, we stumbled over to the venue just in time to catch Flipper. Now I have to admit that as a young metal head growing up, I didn’t start getting into hardcore punk rock until high school in the mid-eighties, by which time Flipper were already done, and I had never really started listening to them until the last 8 or 9 years or so. In their prime they were a very misunderstood band, outcast by most hardcore audiences because of their slow, meandering, atonal style. In my opinion they were just too far ahead of their time. Aside from being a truly unique and great band, they were highly influential to bands like Nirvana, The Melvins and The Jesus Lizard, with Krist Noveselic from Nirvana going so far as to join them for their last release, Love.

The first thing i noticed was that Krist was not there, one of the reasons I was excited to see them, but I was not to be disappointed as the band ripped into classics like Ever and Shed No Tears off debut, Generic. I was actually surprised at how young looking and sprightly lead singer Bruce Loose was, at first i thought it was a new guy but once he started his maniacal laughing on classic Hahaha I knew there could be no other. Rachel Thoele (ex-Frightwig) and OG drummer Steve Depace kept the beats driving and old man Ted Falconi mesmerized the crowd with his noisy, jarring riffs. During closer Sex Bomb Baby a bunch of punks crashed the stage to dive and scream into the mic. Those same 18 year olds we’d met earlier made it onto the stage and from the looks on their faces, I knew in that moment that the kids are alright and Flipper was finally getting the long overdue acceptance they always deserved.

Before the DKs came on, my friend and I got into a small debate about whether or not we sided with Jello about the widely publicized disputes and legal battles with the band. Now I understand there’s a certain bittersweet irony in going to see a Dead Kennedys show in 2011, mostly because of the absence of Jello Biafra and classic punk rock ethos, but that’s beside the point. The fact I was there should give you some insight into how I feel, and the packed crowd was there for the same reasons I was, to get a chance to see this legendary band in action.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but the band came out fired up and jumped into Forward to Death followed by other classics like Winnebago and Police Truck. Klaus Flouride kept the rhythm tight and East Bay Ray was cranking out the classic riffs in fine form. New singer Ron “Skip" Greer (ex-Wynona Ryders) sounded like a young, slightly lower register Jello, and his presence on the stage looked neither stiff nor intimidated. The first true test came when they launched into Let’s Lynch the Landlord and he nailed it, getting the crowd riled up and bouncing around, even generating some drunken crooning from myself as well. Most of the rest of the set came from Fresh Fruit…. and Plastic Surgery/In God…. with anthem California Uber Alles closing out the show. The encore was highlighted by rousing renditions of Holiday in Cambodia and Chemical Warfare that left the crowd charged up after the final chords died out.

There is no denying the huge void missing that is Jello, to me he’ll always be the Dead Kennedys, but I thought the band sounded sharp and relevant and Skip did a tremendous job. On this night, I saw a band that didn’t want to live in the past, they wanted to prove that they can still do the old stuff as well as they ever did, and to me they passed that test in spades. The best thing they could do is work on some new stuff, establish Skip and put some distance between them and Jello. From what I saw they’ve still got some juice left in the tank and if they’re serious about continuing on and coming out from under the massive shadow that is Jello, there’s a whole new generation of young punk rockers that I think would accept them with open arms.

* video via edtuube

PDF download:

Thursday, February 10th, 2011Dead Kennedys announce Australian tour

Dead Kennedys are one of the most popular and important American punk bands, and they are returning to Australia for three special shows this April. Dead Kennedys play Melbourne on April 6, Brisbane on April 7 and Sydney on April 9.

They formed in San Francisco in 1978 when vocalist Jello Biafra answered a music paper advert placed by guitarist East Bay Ray. They were joined by bassist Klaus Flouride, drummer Ted, and a second guitarist known to posterity simply as 6025. The latter soon departed, while Ted was replaced in 1981 by D.H. Peligro. Lead vocals are now sung by former Wynona Riders singer Ron "Skip" Greer.

Dead Kennedys’ early success led them to record their first single ‘California Über Alles’ in 1979, a blistering attack on the then Governor of California, Jerry Brown. ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ (1980) followed and is perhaps the band's definitive moment - a perfect mix of hilarious yuppie-baiting lyrics and evil-sounding music. Almost as essential were ‘Kill The Poor’ (1980) and ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ (remarkably, a British Top 40 single in 1981), and the debut LP, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (1980). That LP went on to be awarded a Gold Record in Britain.

Live, Dead Kennedys are a combination of chaos and theatrics. With their current line-up they still perform with the same thrills that made the Dead Kennedys the name that it is.

Two new Dead Kennedys DVDs are out now through Xelon Entertainment - The Early Years is a collection of live footage at various venues between 1978 to 1981, and In God We Trust which features footage from the lost recording session of In God We Trust Inc., between song banter, outtakes and rescued multi-track recordings.

Tickets on sale Friday 11 February.

Wednesday April 6 - Billboard, Melbourne - 18
Tickets available from and

Thursday April 7 - Hi-Fi, Brisbane - 18
Tickets available from

Saturday April 9 - Manning Bar, Sydney - 18
Tickets available from and (1300 762 545)

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011Alive and Well - Interview with Klaus Flouride

Santa Cruz Good Times
Article by John Malkin

The Dead Kennedys return with punk compassion

In 1980, I came upon the first Dead Kennedys album, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, with my outcast friends and soon discovered that the DKs were a gateway band into a new experience called punk rock. The band played energized, socially conscious songs of hidden histories and political critique, often served up with a twist of humor. Thirty years later, we can still dance to live versions of “California Uber Alles" and “Holiday in Cambodia" with the Dead Kennedys, which will be blasting the Catalyst on Saturday, Feb. 5, with The Disciples and Ol' Cheeky Bastards opening.

The San Francisco-based Dead Kennedys have seen plenty of changes since being co-founded in 1979 by Jello Biafra (Eric Boucher) and Klaus Flouride (Geoffrey Lyall). In 1986 lead singer Biafra and the band parted ways, with Biafra focusing on collaborations with other bands and performing spoken word shows. (He now leads a band called The Guantanamo School of Medicine.) The current lineup of the Dead Kennedys has three of the four original members: bassist Klaus Flouride, guitarist East Bay Ray and drummer D.H. Peligro. Skip McSkipter now lends his lungs as vocalist. GT recently spoke with DKs co-founder Klaus Flouride about 21st century anarchy, compassion and parenting.

GOOD TIMES: Some punk rock is overtly political and resonates with anarchist ideals. Of course, people have different ideas about what anarchy means.

KLAUS FLOURIDE: Lots of people confuse nihilism with anarchy. That’s what you’re taught to do in high school. We were taught that anarchy was something to stay away from because it meant total loss of civilized behavior. I think anarchy is just the opposite; instead of having some outside force imposing civilized behavior on you and treating you like children, you’re able to be grown up and behave like adults without being told what’s good and bad.

What do you think stops people from building compassionate, trusting communities?

At this time and age there is a greed thing with people. It drives everything. The top 3 percent own most of the wealth of the world and they’re not going to be taking care of people, except for very few of them. This world has a bit of maturing to do before we can come anywhere near being able to live in real anarchy.

Some people hoped that punk rock might inspire revolutionary change. How has that played out?

Fairly poorly. We’re still singing about a lot of the same stuff. But keep in mind that I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to go for a source for deep political thought, a rock ’n’ roll band probably is not your best choice.

We didn’t try to come up with answers as much as questions and we tried to show absurdities and get people to think for themselves. We wanted people to do their own looking into things. That was our system. Did we reach our goal? No, I don’t think so. There are a few more people that think a little more than if we hadn’t had the punk spirit, movement and attitude. But it seems there is no silver bullet to get people to think. You just have to keep encouraging.

Tell me how your ideas about freedom and anarchy inform your parenting.

The more you try to lay down authority the more you’re going to have a rebellious kid. … You have to treat kids with logic and respect more than authority. If you teach somebody how to live kindly, then basically it should come back at you. With children, you direct more than control. It’s this classic thing; you give them wings and then you have to let them fly.

The Dead Kennedys perform at 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 5, at The Catalyst, 1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz. Tickets are $17/adv., $20/door. For more information, call 423-1338. John Malkin is a local musician, journalist and host of the weekly interview program The Great Leap Forward on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. on Free Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM.

Download as PDF - click here

Friday, January 28th, 2011Eternal Punk - Interview with Klaus Flouride

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eternal Punk
Dead Kennedys continue to stir up debate with hard-hitting, provocative music
By Lisa Millegan Renner

Brash, foul-mouthed and outrageous, underground San Francisco punk band The Dead Kennedys gained legions of fans in the 1970s and '80s with their witty send-ups of politicians and corporations.

All these years later, the band is still touring, even though frontman Jello Biafra departed nearly 25 years ago and some of the members have hit their senior citizen years.

Bassist Klaus Flouride, 61, who is performing with the group Thursday at Modesto's Fat Cat Music House & Lounge, said fans have never forgotten the band's music.

"It's the combination of three things," he said. "The lyrics were intelligent, but at the same time had a sense of humor. The songs weren't just three-chord chock-a-block. We weren't trying to sound like The Ramones or the Sex Pistols, which a good bunch of bands were."

Band members listened to a wide variety of music, including classic jazz, blues and R&B.

The current lineup features founding member East Bay Ray on guitar, longtime member DH Peligro on drums and newcomer Skip Greer on vocals. During auditions for the lead singer, the original band members intentionally looked for someone who wouldn't do an impersonation of Biafra.

"It just didn't feel right," Flouride said. "Skip is a good singer, a good performer, but he doesn't do Biafra."

Flouride said it's not hard for the musicians to come up with the same level of angst they did decades ago when they were young.

"It's like the bumper sticker says: If you're not angry, you're not paying attention," he said. "A lot of the same stuff is going on that was going on when these songs were written. Corporate greed hasn't gone away yet. Racism is still thriving whether we have a black president or not."

Gov. Jerry Brown, who was the target of the band's first big hit, "California Über Alles," in 1979, is now back for a third term.

"He's a different guy now certainly than he was back then," Flouride said. "But it is funny."

Flouride thought it was interesting that some musicians sang the song with different lyrics to mock Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was in office, and that the music turned up prominently in the Oscar-nominated hit movie "The Social Network."

When the band started playing around San Francisco clubs, Flouride thought it would have a run of six months or, at most, two years.

"The stuff that's happened, that's kept us going since then, is pretty amazing," he said. "It's the best thing."

The band's songs were intentionally extreme and were designed to provoke a reaction. Titles included "Holiday in Cambodia," "Kill the Poor" and "Too Drunk to F---."

The Dead Kennedys began to perform throughout North America and eventually expanded to play in Great Britain, where they were a hit. They broke up in 1986, and lawsuits soon followed between the band and Biafra over royalties.

The band resumed without Biafra in 2001 and has been performing ever since. The group recently released two new songs — "Area 51" and "You're Such a Fake" — which have been a success with fans.

Flouride said he'd love to reunite with Biafra, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards, at least for now.

"He doesn't want to talk to us and doesn't take calls from us," Flouride said. "He has his lawyer handle things and that's the way it is right now. I wish things were different. I will never say things won't change, because every time I say that, things change."

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011Tour story ....

ok, so the day before the 1st Florida gigs Ray and I are in the airport heading to Florida we get a call from Skip that his flight has been canceled. we're about to board so we have to wait until Atlanta to find out which flight he'll be on. We find out in Atlanta that there ARE NO FLIGHTS or trains or much of anything out of NY so Skip has decided to drive the 950 or so miles from NY to Jacksonville......

Next day in Jacksonville (day of the gig) we get calls that he's nearby (he's landed a last minute ride through Craigslist due to somebody dropping out of a carpool to Miami..providence). Comes time for soundcheck, he's still not there bit ...the calls are he's close.

Just as we get to the vocals part of soundcheck (I'm about to sing Police Truck) who bursts through the doors. You guessed it.

Skip McSkipster,...OFFICIALLY "TROOPER (or trouper, depending on your spelling prefs) OF THE DK'S HOLIDAY IN FLORIDA TOUR

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011Concert review: Ringing in the New Year with the Dead Kennedys at the State Theatre

Some people make dinner reservations, buy new outfits and toast with their friends and loved ones at the stroke of midnight on December 31st. This past Saturday, a gathering of hardcore fans and punk rockers thrashed out the end of 2010 and roared in the start of 2011 with punk legends, The Dead Kennedys.

State Theatre wasn’t packed but it was pretty full on New Year’s Eve, with plenty of people outfitted in their Dead Kennedys t-shirts, or rocking Operation Ivy or Casualties or some other punk band tee, and milled among the odd leather-clad fans and scattered glued mohawks. There was a clearly designated pit area and the buzz of excitement in the room was palpable as everyone waited in anticipation of the New Year and the Dead Kennedys performance.

The Pinz, a Jacksonville band made up of three lanky guys in very tight pants, opened with a sound similar to what would happen if Operation Ivy and Alkaline Trio had a baby. They were well received; they had a strong style and definitely warmed the crowd to the punk that would overtake the State for the rest of the evening.

Dead Cat Lounge hit the stage next and they were awesome. These guys were so happy to be opening for the Dead Kennedys and so excited about bringing their music to a responsive crowd that that energy just blasted through the place and kept the night rolling on towards the New Year. With many “F*** Yous" sung, it could only get more and more rowdy from there, but only in the best kind of way. The bassist had “Kill Me" etched onto the frets of his guitar; the lead singer had a scowl throughout most of the set, but looked ferocious rather than ridiculous and made friends with the fans when they brought everyone up on the stage to head-bang and rock with the band.

With lyrics like “We call it the American dream, I call it shit," you really can’t go wrong. Not to mention they rocked a song that was an ode to tattooed roller derby girls. This was the punk rock so many fans had fallen in love with all those years ago, and it was only two bands in!

The Spears hit the stage a little before 11 p.m. and the lead singer looked instantly irritated and pained. He had a mean, pouty face the entire set and just wailed, screamed, thrashed and riled up the entire room. He asked questions like “How are you?" and then resonded, “I don’t care." He made fun of a fat guy in the crowd and really exuded the sort of punk-angst that the crowd just ate up. With songs like “Nothing’s Fun Anymore," and a fast, unmerciful guitar riffs, rhythms, and basslines, the Spears were a hit!

The Spears finished their set around 11:20 and the scramble to ready the stage for the Dead Kennedys began. The crowd grew restless. At 11:35, it seemed like they were ready and the fans were definitely ready. It suddenly seemed to dawn on the people there that the Dead Kennedys were ringing in the New Year and therefore wouldn’t take the stage until exactly midnight. The countdown began about 25 minutes later and then, there they were: The New Year and then Dead Kennedys dominating the State — and the crowd lost it.

The mosh pit exploded, the fans not thrashing about in it stood staring in awe, and I endured a moment of mild dismay as I realized that Jello Biafra had not joined them. In sheer excitement of coming to the show, I’d utterly missed the fact that he hadn’t really been playing with the band in more than 20 years; I just assumed, it being a special occasion, that maybe he’d be making an appearance, come out and scream “Happy New Year!!" with the rest of the band. Regardless, I joined the masses in the New Year’s Celebration and surrendered to the enjoyment of the punk extravaganza that had begun.

The mosh pit was a shining example of punk camaraderie from the earliest shows. No one was trampled, everyone was having fun, there were no cheap shots or mean people out to mess up fans. The old school rockers, besides those legends on stage, were amped up singing along and seemed to be reminiscing all at the same time. New Year’s Eve is about saying goodbye to the old and ushering in the new but the Dead Kennedys seemed to work in the opposite way with amazing results.

Watching Klaus Flouride and East Bay Ray on those guitars was like something out of the punk hall of fame. I definitely had the Wayne and Garth moment of “We’re not worthy." D.H. Peligro, their dreadlocked drummer, seriously commanded that drum set! He may not be a part of the original DK lineup but he has earned his stripes! And Skip is no Jello but he still brought out the vocal energy that made the DK legends to begin with. The fans seemed to agree.

They started the New Year off with a bang and ended their set in the same way. The Dead Kennedy’s love of the music pulsated through every note and the fans fed off that energy. The sweaty crowd was both rejuvenated and filled with a divine exhaustion by the end of the night. If toasting with the Dead Kennedys isn’t a badass enough way to kick off 2011, I don’t know what is!

To be honest, I can’t say I can name a single song y they played. Not because I partied too hard or wasn’t paying attention, but because I was so into the show I didn’t take a single note! I spent the entire set rocking out or simply sitting back and watching it all unfold. Later, I attempted a re-cap with my husband. We argued about whether they played this or that or something else, but as he spent most of his night in the pit and I stayed at the outskirts, just taking it all in, we never discussed what was going on during the show and ended up not being able to really recall any song they played. I even looked to the internet for some help or to maybe jog my memory — but to no avail. No setlists to be found and the buzz on the show was minimal, which leads be to believe that it was so utterly amazing that the true punkers, aside from their seriously hardcore fan base, evidently had a similar reaction to and experience. And I mean, really — it’s punk rock. Who cares what the fuck they played?

Friday, December 24th, 2010This brings to mind two other men called Klaus I can’t resist mentioning is the Dead Kennedys bassist Klaus Flouride

"This brings to mind two other men called Klaus I can’t resist mentioning is the Dead Kennedys bassist Klaus Flouride, born Geoffrey Lyall, and Klaus Märtens, the German army doctor who designed what the world would come to know as Doc Martens."

Saturday, December 18th, 2010Dead Kennedys by Kimberly Stone

During the late ’70s and early ’80s, punk rock was making a fearless thrust into the music world. American punk bands like the Ramones and Pere Ubu were taking the world by storm by creating not only a new music genre, but delivering it with so much passion, angst, and fervor that the world had no choice but to stand up, take notice, and get in the pit.

Ushering in a second wave of political and socially-charged American punk, the San Francisco-based Dead Kennedys addressed issues such as terrorism, child abuse, third world inequalities, and a deepening energy crisis. Needless to say, the years 1981-1986 provided plenty of gasoline to stoke founding frontman Jello Biafra’s lyrical fire. These insightful lyrics seem to ring even truer today, given the current political climate. Alternative Tentacles, the label they created for the self-produced single “California Über Alles," helped revolutionize the music industry, and brought the world influential punk bands 7 Seconds, the Dicks, D.O.A., and the Butthole Surfers.

Armed with new frontman in Ron “Skip" Greer (formerly of fellow East Bay punk band Wynona Riders), Dead Kennedys are now touring with original members East Bay Ray (guitar), D.H. Peligro (drums), and bassist Klaus Flouride. This new incarnation has been generating positive reviews, fueling a string of shows that take them as far away as Hawaii and as close as Melbourne, Florida. Deuterman Productions proudly presents Dead Kennedys on Thursday, December 30 at Levelz Night Club. Come take part in a high-energy concert experience that will leave you inspired and ready to take over the world.

Keep up with Dead Kennedys on their website: Levelz Night Club is located at 4250 W. New Haven Ave. in downtown Melbourne. Tickets for this all-ages event are only $15 and available fee-free and locally delivered by calling Deuterman at (321) 508-5141. Reserved tables are also available. Tickets can also be purchased through Ticketmaster:

Saturday, October 16th, 2010CD's SOON

For those of you asking where to buy the music, we'll have a limited edition sampler cd for sale here in about 8 weeks. Watch The Watch.

Saturday, May 29th, 2010All is well in Klausland + Thank you again for the big turnout in MN.

Hey Folks,

Just a thank you note for the great turnout in Minnesota. The Ledge was in fine form and it was a pleasure to be feeling good on the road again. He enjoyed the crowd immensely as did The Altamont Boys. And the Fleshtones turned in their usual great non-stop mayhem. Pictures are still coming in and will be in the pics section a.s.a.p.

Also I'd like to thank all of you for the support while I was getting past my illness and to let you know that I have learned to keep it under control. I especially want to thank the support of friends and family and especially Ray and D.H. for all their support during my the hiatus. We've been through a lot together over 30 plus years and it means a lot to me.

The good news is that all is well now in Klausland. Fit as a fiddle and ready to play.


Friday, April 23rd, 2010Photographs by David Greenfield

Photographs of The Altamont Boys by San Francisco music photographer David Greenfield have just been added to the photo gallery. 22-April-2010 @The Retro Dome, San Jose, California. Thanks Dave!

Doesn't Jay look like a young Jerry Lee Lewis playing guitar in the first one? Plus there's the ageless Hector Penalosa from the Zeros (secretly the real Zarros in my opinion), The 1st punk band I saw at the Mabuhay Gardens in '78?... In any case they were the band that made me think "I'd like to do that". (Question..Where's the "Portrait of Hector Penalosa/Dorian Gray" hiding in his attic. I've never been up there, but)....not only visuals but energy.

Thursday, December 31st, 2009Happy New Years.

Happy New Years to all. More catching up on the mail starting Friday or Saturday.

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009Catching up from both ends plus a new tune!

'Allo Good Peoples,

1st, a Jumbo Shrimp tune is added for your enjoyment.

Also we're trying yet and other system for answering all the fine correspondence coming our way from the likes of you. Something old, Something new - not necessarily in that order -back to back. So every few days 'til we catch up it sort of gives everybody a bit of a shot at it.

And after all, isn't that what we all want, a bit of a shot at it.

Cheers and keep writing, I'll get to you, that I promise.


oh yeah, ...if you've gotten this far, don't forget to scroll down to the other things on the watch as they're somewhat informative if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009Bass uber Alles: The punk bass legacy of Dead Kennedys' Klaus Flouride

Bass Guitar magazine, June/July 2004.

Monday, October 5th, 2009Backlog and lost emails

Hey Folks.

Just found some really old emails we neglected to answer for some reason or another. They sort of fell through the cracks, I guess we should carpet the mail room so that won't happen again. So anyway there will be some very tardy replies in the MY REPLIES section and we'll keep plugging at it until we catch up. Should be a few new answers there every day or so. Hope to get all caught up in about a month or so. So that should be mildly entertaining.

Thursday, September 10th, 2009On the Ledge - an article about the Legendary Stardust Cowboy

"The Legendary Stardust Cowboy's rock primitivism made him a hero to everyone from David Bowie to the Clash to the Cramps. Can a new push to document the career of the man known as the Ledge restore Silicon Valley's most intriguing cult music figure to his rightful place in rock history?" That's what the article says folks. EXTREE! EXTREE! READ ALL ABOUT IT! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Saturday, September 5th, 2009New Video up

Hi Folks,

Thanks to the work of video/film whiz Eric Goodfield:

... we have a new hi res version of the Uncle Bill video up that beat's the pant's off anything you'll find on you tube (for now).

It was done for the "The Light Is Flickering" album and was directed by Craig Hayes:

..and has a cameo appearance by none other than film genius Phil Tippett:

Check it out in the videos section.

More of the My replies answered tomorrow (sunday the 6th)

If you want to copy and paste those links reopen the page and click on the HTML version and you can do that. That'll have to do until I can get them to hyperlink here.



Sunday, June 21st, 2009Thanks for Coming out to The Bottom of the Hill

Hey there folks,

Last night was indeed everything it promised to be, show-wise. The Meat Sluts got people going with a deli-tray assortment of attitude injected punk. Then we got to play, we being The Go-Going-Gone Girls. Everybody survived! Miracles upon miracles!! And finally Polkacide, the Punk Pirates of Polka. (3 p's, who can resist?).

Mark's 60th birthday was well attended and crazy until way after the show.

Thanks for turning up if you could.

Now onto Legendary Stardust Cowboy insanity at The Blank Club in San Jose this Friday the 26th with Hayride to Hell and my favorite Kaiser Wilhelm driven surf band Beachkrieg.

Will it never end??!?

Friday, June 19th, 2009One a day Vita-answers

Hey All,

Here's what we're going to try to hold to more or less. No strict rules here for me or you, but to catch up on the mails you've so kindly sent I'm going to shoot for one a day answers. The new postings will be at the top of the my replies section as it's only fair as I'm going to reply to them in the order they came in and the earlier posts would just be buried. We don't want that so this is the new idea.

I'll try to get to all of you by the end of July.

Hope that works for you.


Tuesday, June 16th, 2009Harmony Fest A big sunny windy skating blast.

Hey allthose of you we knew and the even more we didn't, thanks for stopping by the rare DK's performance stage at The Harmony Fest in Santa Rosa. It was a blast to play together again. Shouts out to people who really travelled to come se us. Indian, Kirstin, Vannessa and a guy from San Francisco Bay Guardian, whom we didn't even know was there. Really if we did, we would have put on a much better show....kidding.

And the Eco Cup Skateboarding ramp was mind boggling.

Thanks for the turnout and again, I've learned once again to never say never.



Saturday, June 13th, 2009SLAP contributor Nate Denver interviews Klaus Flouride, the Dead Kennedys bass player, for a chat ....

What interested the Dead Kennedys in playing the Eco Cup/Harmony Fest?

We haven’t played for a year- I’ve been out of commission with an illness, DH has been out of commission… it may be one of our last shows, we don’t know, but we wanted what might be our last show to be when everybody is healthy. So there’s that, and the other thing is that the Harmony Fest hasn’t been known for having acts such as ours in the past, but they’re having Bad Brains and Cake and it just sounded like good company.

Do you guys have to practice your songs much before you play?

We have practices before tours and stuff because we want to get loose with each other again, but what we find out is that we haven’t forgotten any of it. But it’s fun to play and loosen up together and figure out what the set is gonna be.

Are some of your favorite songs to play also some of the fans’ favorite songs, like Holiday In Camobdia, Moon Over Marin, etc, or do you have different favorites?

Certainly the first album is the one we’re trying to top, so there’s a lot from that, but there’s tons from other albums. We don’t know what we’re going to put into the set list yet. What we did when we first reformed and started touring back in 2001 was at the merch table we’d have a sheet of paper and people could request songs. At the end of the tour we’d look at it and see what people liked most and add things to the set based off that. It makes it have a democratic feel. It’s not just a greatest hits thing though; I like hearing new material from bands and we will be playing some new stuff people haven’t heard yet.

How do you think the ideals of the Dead Kennedys do or don’t mesh with skating and environmental consciousness, as those are the focus of the Eco Cup?

Well we’ve been involved with the skating scene since forever. Environmental consciousness just goes back to some of our songs. One of the most environmentally aware songs is “Moon Over Marin." It’s also a social commentary. A lot of our songs are about getting inside the head of a politically powerful person or just a normal person who isn’t normal.

Did you guys play much with the Bad Brains in the early days?

Yeah, we played quite a few gigs together. Not constantly or anything, but at least 10 times I’d say.

Who were some of your other favorite bands to play with back then?

Butthole Surfers, DRI, The Minutemen, and The Screamers here in San Francisco.

What is it about the Bay Area that has kept you there all these years?

The general openness of mind and attiutude. It’s a little dot of intellect on the map.

What bands are you listening to these days?

Oranger is one I’m liking, and Rock and Roll Adventure Kids.

Anything you’re scared of in the world?

There’s more things that I’m angry about than scared of.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009Birthday Bash a Whole Lotta Fun

Hey Folds,

Just reporting in on the Show/Birthday Bash on May the 30th. It went incredibly well, all the bands ripped it up and nobody was terribly injured, so that's what we aim for. Thanks to all the bands Pataphysics,
C'mon Everybody (with Tina from The Bobbyteens and about 6 other bands as well as Russel who plays in about a gajillion bands and is really a great guy and Jay who plays with me in The Altanont Boys backing up The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The Go-Going-Gone Girls (putting up with making a gig into my party. Well it was my birthday and it was their idea to turn it into a party). Lastly there were the Aquamen Vixx, Arturo, Mike and Srini who cannot be stopped even with fears of the stage exploding from having a good time, and passing it on.

Then there were friends gallore that turned up from recent days and days of youre (going back to the 70's for chrissake).

So What i'm getting at is that it was a good night and I went home happy and woke up even happier. Zounds! What more could one ask for?



Tuesday, May 26th, 2009Upcoming shows

JUNE 12 - Dead Kennedys (w/Skip, DH Peligro, East Bay Ray) @The Harmony Festival, Santa Rosa, CA

JUNE 20 - Go Going Gone Girls, Polkacide, The Meat Sluts @The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA

JUNE 26 - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy with The Altamont Boys, Beachkrieg @The Blank Club, San Jose, CA

JULY 24 - Go Going Gone Girls, The Barbary Coasters, Howlies @The Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA

SEPT 24-28 - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy with The Altamont Boys @Goner Fest, Memphis, TN

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009The Ponderosa report and Question # 6 from Panek

Hey Y'all,

Just got back from Nawleans playing the Ponderosa festival at The House of Blues with The Ledgendary Stardust Cowboy. It was a total hoot. The Ledge gave a great show even without his gun. Company for the night were such luminaries as Dale Hawkins of Susie-Q fame and Lady Bo (google her if you don't know). It was a really good night and the man who throws it together each year Dr. Ike was there to see our set.
See links:

People have fun in New Orleans. Who knew?

As for part 6 of the Panek interview:

6. What amplification and effects have you used over the years?

As far as The DK's years it was first an Acoustic 150b and I believe an Acoutic 106 cab (2 15" speakers)

The amp was switched for a Traynor mono block-b around 1980 and the bottom went through a variety of speakers until we settled on some
JBL 2225H's which I've had since I think '83 or so. Everything else blew up but those still worked and still do. I use them for bass to this day.

As far as Pre-DK I've had for bass:
A Vox Essex Bass amp (truely horrible early transistor bass amp, only problem, bass response.)

A Plush amp with a 2 X 15 cab, kind of a Kustom copy.

Guitar amps:

My first was literally a power amp for a short wave radio transmitter with a 12 " speaker in a box on a 50 foot cable for a speaker cord. No tone control, can't remember the make.

A Fender Twin Reverb

Various GK and Fender amps. I'm using a '70's Vibrolux at the moment with a little Fender Frontman 15G for home practice, recording and general all around fun.

More soon...

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009The Official Thank you note for the Uptown Show last Saturday the 11th.

Hey All!

Gotta send out thanks for everybody that came to The Uptown on Saturday the 11th.

We opened the show, we being The Go-Going-Gone Girls, to an already pretty full room, and The Uptown's room is indeed a nice big room with a great sound system and a great sound man. Just a line check, no sound check, but some of the best sound we've ever had, monitors and up front (so that's what we sound like!!)

Then TurbonegrA came out and blasted the walls off the place, challenging the Dickies to pull out all the stops, which they indeed did.

Question: Do the Dickies have any bad or anything close to bad songs? I don't think so.

Stan and Leonard were in top form, how Leonard still sounds as good
as if not better then he did in '77 is beyond me.

Anyway, it was a good night all night through, always a pleasure to encounter.

Also 'twas a pleasure to encounter Mike and Megan, Mike Chase, and Bruce Loose (although he didn't even know we were playing, just heard that the Dickies were playing and came out to see them, it was good to see him anyway).

Lotsa other folks deserve thanks, so to you guys, thanks.

See you all next time we play out I'm hoping.

And let's all go jet setting (we can all get together and charter a private jet, whoo-hoo) to New Orleans to see The Legendary Stardust Cowboy play at the Ponderosa Festival on March 28th.



Sunday, March 1st, 2009Thanks For Coming to the El Rio Saturday!

Hey Folks,

A big thank you for coming out to The El Rio and Making the night a complete success.

Firsties thanks to Pinapple Princess for putting us on the bill (thanks Beth) and playing death defying ukelele's. To the Aquamen for a killer fun set and shared equipment. Thee Horror-X for opening. Frank for his usual excellent sound.

A special thank to Bridget for manning the merch table for everybody, and making it look so cool, no charge. Very much appreciated.

And to the faces that came up and introduced or re-introduced themselves, including Mike from Pirate Cat Radio, Pokechoppums and a lot more that I may add as my brain clears up.

Thanks one in all, we kept the rain away for at least one Saturday night.



Friday, February 27th, 2009Question #5 from Panek

5. I presume you got that DK sticker on a tour in Europe. Any chance for releasing a reprint or something? There are lots of DK bumper stickers out there, but none with that gold border like you have.

A. I think we did get it in a travel shop in Denmark and I've seen them here since then in travel shops around here (in California) although I haven't looked very recently. The likelihood of doing a DK / Denmark bumper sticker is pretty much on the low end of our to do list. Sorry.

Saturday, February 14th, 2009Music with Teeth: A Review of Because I Say So by Rocket Remnants

Saturday, 14 February 2009
Music with Teeth

I really didn't know what to expect from this album when it was released in 1988.

What does one expect from one of the greatest and influential punk and hardcore bass players when they go solo?
More punk and hardcore?
Apparently not.

What I really didn't expect to hear was an eclectic mix of avant-garde sludge, experiments in lo-fi sound, Residents styled electronica, old timey cowboy songs, faux blues and a Beatles like epic ballad.

This does sound more like a compilation album than an album by a single artist: and hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

This album also includes what I believe is one of the most dissonant and ear grating sounds ever committed to plastic, ending the perversely titled 'Pretty Flowers'.

I'm not sure how the sound is created, but it brings to mind a concrete grinding wheel biting into steel mixed with a field recording of an industrial slaughter house for pigs in full flight.

The album includes music written for the Phil Tippet film Mad God (which I'm not even sure was produced), and I can only conclude that it's soundtrack music that opens the album; but if that is the case, that movie must have been some weird and bizarre project!

The second track, 'Eclipse (Blue/White)' is so lo-fi and peculiarly arranged that every time I hear it I feel the impulse to check all my wiring and connections around the back of my stereo as I'm convinced it's failing.

'Desert Ships' sounds so much like a tune from The Residents Commercial Album that one could assume Flouride must have been a member of the anonymous eyeball fixated combo as well as being an integral part of the Dead Kennedys.

And after a big old singalong with the likable 'Bus thru the Barrier', Flouride changes tack, sits himself down at a piano and belts out 'Keep on Walking', a track that could well be an out take from The Beatles' Let it Be sessions.

Once the album is flipped over, you can become quite confused and forget who the album's by, confirming the artist only by checking the label.

The mistake could easily be made, as now Klaus has picked up his acoustic guitar, and after a couple of chopsy instrumentals 'Charlies Friends' really takes you by surprise; a surreal cowboy styled ditty, with whip cracks 'n all.

'Dominating Baby' is reason enough to download this album.

It is one of the greatest faux blues' pastiches I have ever heard, and on first hearing it immediately made me want to pick up the guitar again after many years of neglect, just so I could play and sing this song.

Dominatin' baby you dominate my life
Since you been my girlfriend
Now You're my wife

Dominatin' lady you just
Driving me crazy
Beedlewop n do ee hay wo wo wo

Persecutin' baby always making me sad
Once I used to feel so good but
Now I feel so sad

Once I used to think that
You were something special
Oh then I took you for my wife
But then you started
Dominatin' baby
Dominatin' me all my life

Aw persecutin' baby always putting me down
When my friends come around

Klaus Flouride - Because I Say So (1988)

Door Slammer
Eclipse (Blue/White)
Feeding Time in Hell
Desert Ships
Bus Thru the Barrier
Keep on Walking
Born Again Dentistry
Bus (Reprise)
Eclipse (Blue/Green)
Charlies Friends
Pretty Flowers
Dominating Baby
El Sid (The Credit Song)
The Final Word

Vinyl rip @320kbs
Get yourself some free dentistry here

Sunday, February 8th, 2009I'd like to thank the following.....

Well, here it is Grammy night. But more importantly it's the night after the Ledge show at The Stork Club.

Firstly I'd like to thank all those who came out to support the ledge without whom we would have had to play to staff , which wouldn't have been all that bad at The Stork club, but you get the idea.

Firstly the Bands "C'mon Everybody", "Fun Bunnies" and "The Box Elders".

Also thanks to Russell Kwan for loaning us his drum kit. You rock Russell.

And we never would have been able to accept this gig without the help of Jay Rosen for booking it.

A big hello to Andrew and Brad for helping get the Ledge out here and also videotaping the show. And to Christian Lunch for the fine sound work, and Clark Mosier for spinning discs between sets (Fantastic Johnny

Also a shout out to Roger and Rebecca and Lani and Shannon, Amy and Michele for making the trek.

Hope nobody suffered any powder burns from The Ledges six shooter.

A great big shout out to my mom and my dad and.. and ...and...Whoops, I'm going overtime and they're bringing up the music. gotta go.



Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009o.k. Another answer for Panek's interview

Keep in mind, if you page down in my replies these will all turn up there as I answer them. That said, if you're interested in his Questions, then I'd check there as these will be replaced question by question, day by dayl, ad nauseam (jk).

So here we go.

4. What happened to the FUNERAL sticker on your bass? Was it destroyed from the wear & tear, or were you just unhappy with it?

It literally just wore off due to sweat and it was sort of in the path of the pick, etc.

Monday, January 19th, 2009Interviews as ask Klaus entries

Hi All,

Here's what I've decided to do in regards to interview questions.

We'll answer a few at a time and update them HERE every few days.

Panek has in the my replies section asked some very interesting questions and some that I think are somewhat universal (for want of a better word) questions about me (if any questions about myself can be considered universal).

I had a word doc. that had about 5 of them answered, but in my usual organizational morass of stuff, even in my computer, I've lost them. So back to square one.

That said, it made me rethink, and it fit better here as a regular watch update as there is no interviews section per se (the articles section is really a different animal).

So look here for Panek's and answers, fed out in digestible bits to ruminate over and perhaps provoke new questions from YOU.

Also that will let me catch up on the other replies from the rest of you good people who have taken the kind time to send a querie to me.

How's that sound. To me it sounds like a good plan.

I'll leave all the good stuff up to Mr. Obama tomorrow.

Let's all have a big Hey Ya! together for that. As I write this it is the last few hours of the darkest eras of The U.S.'s history hopefully coming to a close and hope is in the future.

You've gotta have hope.



Saturday, January 3rd, 2009The Ledge @ The Knockout..Thanks

Hello Peoples,

Just a note to thank All those who turned out at The Knockout to see the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and stuck it out until the end (past closing, thanks John for the patience).

It was the usual, unusual Ledge show. Never know what’s going to happen, even after 10 years playing with him I don’t either. That’s the fun of it for me, along with seeing the faces on the crowd. Special thanks to a lot of folks who have stuck by The Ledge. Amy, Michelle, Bridget. Andrew was there in spirit but he had a Beachkrieg gig in San Jose which I would have loved to see. Pokechoppums and Applejack who came cause they saw the myspace bulletin (they work…who knew?). And all the others Tiki, know who you are. Thanks.

So, again, thanks, Hope to see you all again soon somewhere.



Friday, November 7th, 2008OK, So I got a bit behind.

...No, that sounds wrong. I haven't had my behind bitten, I just got a tad behind on things, like thank you's and replies and things of that nature.

First a long overdue thank you for all that showed up at tThe Rickshaw Stop Show where The Go-Going-Gone Girls had the pleasure of opening for Pollo Del Mar and the wonderous Laika and the Cosmonauts (surf from Finland on their farewell tour)

Needless to say, everybody smiled a lot.

So new rule, The replies are going to be posted as they were dated but answered in order of urgency (or my whim, which ever way you want to read that). For example, if it is a timely question, it gets first attention, but the request (inbox) date will be posted as it was received.

Some Questions have already been asked and answered, but I'm not going to send you on a hunt for the answer, I'll just do a little copy and paste, but keep in mind all are saved and findable on the pdf link.

So that about does it for now. New gigs and new recordings andsuch are in the works....really ....they are.



Monday, September 1st, 2008Stork Club - with Master Volume and The Dead Ringers ....

Hey You,

Thanks to all the friends who showed up at the American Professionals show.

You know who you are so there's no need to go into the seedy realm of naming names.

... kidding.

Thanks to all who showed and saw The American Professionals making it "our business to be the very best".

It was a challenge as Master Volume and The Dead Ringers were not to be taken with a grain of salt, or even 3 grains of salt. They both rocked the joint. I swear everybody there was drooling, out of their minds crazy !!! ... or maybe that was just me. So sorry that the Reaction's drummer fell ill, hope he's better today. They were indeed missed. So we missed a gal on bass, but we got a gal on drums and she indeed rocked.

Whatever. It was a fine night.

You gotta stop by at any of these bands next shows (they're all googleable ... love that word).

And the good lord willing and the creek don't rise (or New Orleans get swamped again .. fingers crossed) you'll come to the much lauded show at The Uptown on the 24th of the mighty month of September and see us play with The Girls (from Seattle) and Andalou.

If that doesn't happen I'm never talking to you again .... harummph

Ahhhhh, o.k. I'll always talk to you, but no free drinks, capice?

thanks again,


Monday, August 25th, 2008Bodie thanks you..., I thank you

Hey hallo and a great big Hi to all of you who showed up for a friggin...umm... erm..fruggin fest at The Hemlock on Saturday.

A good time was had by all and the Go-Going-Gone Girls thank each and every one of you.

You too...

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008Interview and A belated Thank you

Hi All,

Just a note sending out a belated THANK YOU to all of you who turned up at the Hollywood and San Diego House of Blues Shows along with those who came to the Wheelhouse in Hemet.

It was a great turnout and a splendid time was had by all.

We really appreciated it indeed.

And if your seeing this on the date posted (July 2) There will be an interview with John Malkin and yours truly on Radio Free Santa Cruz tonight @ 7pm pacific time.

If you're in or near Santa Cruz, good for you! You can hear it on the radio @ 101.1 fm. For the rest of us, we'll have to do with going to:

Tune in. Send comments.



Sunday, June 1st, 2008A thank you to all who came to the U.K. shows


Me here,

I’d just like to say how bowled over by the kindness of both the U.K. attendees as well as all the birthday wishes so many of you have sent.

It was a great trip through the U.K. and I connected with so many friends new and old. And then the Birthday wishes (on my personal myspace page) were just a smashing welcome home and I thank and honour you all.



Tuesday, May 27th, 2008Dead Kennedys @Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh - Concert review by Lorne Thomson

The Dead Kennedys are one of the biggest Punk bands to come out of the US.

Originally formed in 1978, the band released their debut single "California Uber Alles in 1979, followed by album "Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables" a few months later.

The band went on to release three more albums and numerous singles, touring the world to great acclaim, finally calling it a day in 1986.

The DK's reformed in 2001 minus original vocalist Jello Biafro with Ron "Skip" Greer currently handling singing duties.

As a "small child" I was fortunate enough to witness the Dead Kennedys show promoting their debut album at Edinburgh's legendary Nite Club venue so I was curious to see what the group were up to playing in the same city almost thirty years later!

I imagine several of the audience had also caught the Nite Club performance as the venue was full of 30 / 40 something ex Punkers however it was great to see a strong attendance from young fans too.

Original band members East Bay Ray on guitar and Klaus Flouride on bass were joined on stage by Skip and Dave Scheff on drums.

The Band's set was pulled from all points of their career with each song devoured by the manic hot and sweaty crowd down the front as numerous men old enough to know better performed topless chicken dancing in a playful mosh pit, slipping and sliding on pints of lager previously launched in the air or dropped from the balcony above!
Stand out tracks for me were all the earlier material, including astounding versions of singles "Too drunk to fuck", "Holiday in Cambodia" and "California Uber Alles" which heralded the moshpit arrival of a fairly prim looking woman in her 40's who proceeded to jump about and punch her fists in the air with a crazy look on her face, retreating to the side of the hall on the songs completion!
There were also some great album tracks to be heard, with "Nazi punks fuck off", "MTV get off the air", "Let's lynch the landlord" and set closer "Chemical warfare" all going down a treat with audience.
Although the music on offer was aggressive there was a fairly good natured atmosphere to the evening, something that was always lacking at the violent Punk shows in Scotland first time around.

Skip worked well as a charismatic frontman, slightly resembling Biafra but doing his own thing too, leading to some humorous banter between songs.

I've been asked a few times since the gig if it's worth heading along to see a show with only two original members.

I'd say it's certainly merits attending as it gives you chance to hear the legendary guitar and bass riffs from several Punk classics performed live with an enthusiastic front man keeping you entertained and amused throughout, leading to an enjoyable, exciting and fun evening.

- Lorne Thomson


Friday, May 9th, 2008New Stuff!!

Hey Folks,

We have some new stuff on the page. A section for youtube videos. They are a hoot and a holler. Makes one feel like a tv star, although I maintain my rock astroid designation.

Check 'em out and if you find any more send me links and we just might put them up.



Wednesday, April 16th, 2008Hi Folks,

Hi Folks,

Over the past 30 years I have had the great fortune to have been a founding member of Dead Kennedys. It’s been tough at times but particularly rewarding working and collaborating with men like Biafra, 6025, D.H., Brandon, Jeff, Ted, Dave, Steve and Skip and especially Ray. I’ve also had the good fortune of working with stunningly co-operative crew members, road managers and extended family like Chi Chi, Micro, Chris G., Patrick, Ron, Leslie, Landon, Randy, Kirk, Scott, Chris D., Evan and Kevin which made touring a bit like a family trip.

I’ve been very lucky.

However, a recurring medical condition (Angioedema) has caused me to make the difficult decision to begin withdrawing from the road and as a performing member of Dead Kennedys. I feel that for the aforementioned reason, I may be holding DK back and therefore will soon take my leave as a performing member of the band for the foreseeable future. Dead Kennedys will remain a cherished part of my musical life, which I will always treasure.

That said, I am not retiring from playing music.

I could no easier stop playing music as I could stop breathing air. You’ll still see me performing and collaborating in projects that are perhaps more regionally based. I really do hope to see you at a local show soon. And the good lord willing and the creek don’t rise, maybe I’ll occasionally get around to where you are also.

To all those who I have met over the years - thank you. I've had the pleasure of meeting and talking with you. Simply listening to your opinions and performing for you has given me an immense amount of happiness. Each and every encounter has given me insight into what Dead Kennedys has meant to you and learning these things, makes it mean even more to me. Thank you for taking the time to extend your friendship and for listening.

Take care,


Friday, March 21st, 2008Another thank you.

Hey folks,

Thanks all of you who made the AMERICAN PROFESSIONALS show (and you did make the show) at The Depot @ SFSU this past Thursday.

You were the reason we had such a blast and we owe you one.

Cheers again,


Wednesday, February 27th, 2008AGAIN, A THANK YOU.

Hey Everybody that came out to the American Professionals show on Tuesday. THANKS!!

Special thanks to Joe, Lani, Yasmin, Alex and Steve.

Hope to see you at the next one. I'll keep you all informed as to my whereabouts.

Now off to SoCal with FUNLAND!



Friday, February 8th, 2008New -> American Professionals photos online

8-February-2008 - New photos added to the American Professionals album. From our January show at the Hotel Utah, San Francisco. Courtesy:

Click on Gallery, then American Professionals to view the images.

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008A Short Thank You Note

To all of those who turned up at the Legendary Stardust Cowboy shows in Brussels, The Hague and Berlin, and to all the promoters and handlers, a most sincere thank you is overdue. We had a blast, hope you did also.


Tuesday, January 29th, 2008Photos from Sascha of Helldorado Photography, Berlin

Now online - a few images from the Ledge's performance in Berlin. Thanks to Sascha of Helldorado Photograhy (

Sunday, January 27th, 2008Photos from European tour - courtesy Maurice Dielemans of

..... a great set of photographs from our January 25th show at Het Paard, Den Haag, Holland - courtesy of Maurice Dielemans of Kindamuzik,net

Visit the Gallery, then click on the KINDAMUZIK logo in the Ledge album to view a photo slideshow of the images.

Monday, January 21st, 2008New/old photos added to the Dead Kennedys album

..... photographs from a 2002 gig at Riley's Rock House in Aurora, Illinois with Brandon Cruz. Photo slideshow and images - courtesy of Thanks Patrick!

Visit the Gallery, then click on the MSIGARMY logo in the DK album to view a photo slideshow of the images.

Monday, January 14th, 2008Thanks!

Hey, all of you who showed up at the Hotel Utah on Saturday, thanks for doing so. It made it all the more fun to play to a packed room and Alex and Roger were also fun to follow. A great night was had by all, as it should be.

Friday, January 11th, 2008Panek interview in My Replies

The question was more an interview, but it's in my replies for the time being.

Monday, December 24th, 20071981 IRS - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

Thanks to Naomi and Bridget for the photos of the IRS 1981 issue of Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables. Interesting to see it after all these years. [See gallery/album art]

Sunday, November 18th, 2007Access!

Hi Folks,

You may have noticed a new feature on the top right of the page. Maybe you haven't. in not look harder That will take you to my myspace music page where through the miracle of Snocap you can have access to the downloadable Klaus tunes. We'll be adding more every so often. Scads of fun, really. You must try it. Again, (look into my eyes) You Must Try It

Have fun.



Thursday, November 1st, 2007Thanks,

It has occurred to me that i may have been lax in thanking all you folks who have visited this site and shared your thoughts and questions with me. I just want you to know I appreciate it and am aware that you take time out of your day to do such things and for that I am grateful.

Also I have been a bit slow (o.k. dreadfully slow) in thanking all of you who come out tno the various shows.

Last night (Halloween with The Go-Going-Gone Girls @ Annies Social Club) was a particularly great crowd and was indeed a fun night for all. Thanks for turning up and supporting us. The Impalers and The Phenomonaughts were, well...phenominal.

That said, hope to see you soon at the next soiree.



Wednesday, October 24th, 2007live review - Legendary Stardust Cowboy at Europa

May 16, 2007. By Jonathan,

Worried about missing it entirely, we approached Europa’s quiet doorway a little before midnight to learn that the Legendary Stardust Cowboy hadn’t yet arrived at the venue. From outside the Polish disco seemed aweful sleepy - a little too sleepy. We took a walk to the store and, coming back to find that the doormen had vanished, proceeded to make our way upstairs to find that there was still no one to hand our money to. We found a somber scene - roughly a dozen folks at most scattered across corners of the big dark room with no music whatsoever playing. You could’ve heard a feather drop. My deaf ears could detect the sound of people quietly walking up and down the staircase from fifteen feet away… forchristsakes…

Which is why, about a half-hour later, we could hear the Ledge, Dead Kennedys’ bassist Klaus Fluoride, and the other two Altamont Boys pulling their rolling suitcases up the stairs. The Ledge later explained that he took Jet Blue in an anecdote that involved flying low and thinking about what building they were going to crash into – he picked the Chrysler.

After about another half-hour or so of setting up and line checking, the Altamont Boys sans Ledge, tore into “Ghost Riders in the Sky," our spectacularly bespectacled star emerged from the back room, made his way to the stage, and, not too long after, the guitar amp unceremoniously blew. The next ten minutes or so were dedicated to finding another one, setting it up, getting the levels, etc. Despite the fact that a girl at the back came up front and did the splits, it was a total momentum-killer.

Most musicians would’ve been deterred by a late flight, no crowd to speak of, and equipment failure. I’ve played with guys that would’ve been out the door in two minutes. But the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and his bunch are true artists who you can tell love what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with. They rolled up their sleeves and laid down the kind of vigorous performance most acts can’t even muster with a packed house cheering ‘em on.

The Ledge, decked out in wild western gear, from his spurs to his ten gallon hat, proceeded to whoop and holler his way through “Standing in a Trash Can," “I Walk a Hot Wind," the bizarre faux-jazz of tonight’s stand-out “Gemini Space Craft," a song about Houston, and a few more. Not only did he exhibit a vast vocabulary of unusual dances and stage-moves, but also employed a towel, a pair of little handkerchiefs, his hat, and his gun holster as props – tossing the hat and the holster into the “crowd" at certain points. But the theatrical climax was when he emerged with a stack of paper plates (see illustration below) and began hurling ‘em Frisbee-style across the room at (or to) his sparse and scattered audience. On closer inspection these were no ordinary paper plates - but were each autographed. And that’s not all, The Ledge was kind enough to include his phone number below the autograph. By this point I was well aware that this man had become my new hero all over again.

Capable but sans slickness, and with truckloads of burning gusto, the Altamont Boys provided ideal accompaniment for this unusual artist - goin’ wild and taking it back in all the right places. Fluoride played bassy guitar like Hound Dog Taylor’s Phillips or the Blues Explosion’s Judah Bauer, tonight through a GK. The lead guitarist [ Jay Rosen ] knew how to smoke his rockabilly runs but his dirty bends and lack of cheesy precision technique indicated that he was most certainly from a more punk/underground lineage. And the drummer [ Joey Meyers ] could both pound and swing.

At the end of the “Paralyzed!" finale the Ledge walked off the stage, through a crowd of about four, and disappeared into the back while the band played “Psychotic Reaction" – a fitting theme. The few people that remained, all aware that we’d witnessed something extraordinary, and that it was over all-too-soon, made a mighty ruckus of appreciation considering our numbers. And the toothsome young blond Polish bartender, who looked like she was ready to commit suicide at any minute during the set, brightened up a bit at the prospect of going home.

A legendary lonesome stardust kind of cowboy night indeed.

Monday, July 30th, 2007Thanks for coming to the Ledge show

Hey All of you, ...

You know who you are. Thanks for showing up and making it a fun night for The Ledge and Girls with Guns and Skeleton Television. If I didn't get to you and say "hi" one on one, I meant to and I hope to see you soon.

You folks made it a show. If we played to no one it would be a practice (which with the Ledge is a fun thing anyway) but you are the reason He and We play out. Again, Thanks for coming.

- Klaus

Sunday, July 29th, 2007New photos of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy posted

New photos from the July 28, 2007 show at the Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco show posted. Click on the photos/videos tab; then Videos. It's the first one listed.

Monday, July 16th, 2007new fan club concept

Not anything official - but if you would like an autograph, just send a self addressed stamped envelope to: k.flouride, po box 6480, albany, california 94706.

Thursday, July 5th, 2007Will ringtones rock the vote in '08?

With a vow of "Ring it on!," the tech-activists behind RingTones08 -- a free site that lets anyone post and share ring tones about campaign '08 -- hope to use political soundbites to impact next year's presidential election. Sound far-fetched? Perhaps not. As Erica Sagrans wrote earlier this year in the Phoenix:

More than a million people have downloaded the “Hello Garci" ring tone — whose more than 11 versions variously incorporate samples from 50 Cent, Vanilla Ice, and the Beatles — making it one of the most popular clips to emerge from a cell phone. Yet the most provocative thing about “Hello Garci" is how it draws its inspiration not from a pop song, but a 2004 political scandal in which Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s voice was captured while she allegedly discussed vote-rigging with elections official Virgilio “Garci" Garcillano.

Before the audio tape was released, “people kind of knew what happened, but since they embargoed the wiretap, the story [about the election] wasn’t getting out," says Jo Lee, a technology consultant in Providence. Once the tape was leaked and it became a ring tone, the recording was unstoppable. While impeachment attempts and mass protests failed to throw Macapagal-Arroyo out of office, her approval rating has been consistently negative since the recording was released.

“It’s brilliant," says Lee. “The president’s most humiliating moment is played over and over, every time a cell phone rings. It would be so effective here; it’s this great bumper sticker approach to guerrilla politics."

As part of her work with Green Machine PR, Lee sent along word of RingTones08, which has already attracted some national attention. And as the RingTones08 Web site says:

Our politicians' statements practically beg to be ringtones. "Mission Accomplished," "Last Throes of Insurgency," Howard Dean's scream . Turn these sound bytes gone wrong (or right!) into ringtones and let 'em rip at malls, campuses, bus stops - wherever cell phones ring.

Ringtones can be about any national or local candidate or issue. It's up to you.

You've done the blogs, videos and t-shirts. Now have some fun and RING!

The Tones! (George_Allen_Macaca), by hackcity

Burdah, by Ismail

Don't Vote, by Klaus Flouride, Download

John McCains Drummer, by Klaus Flouride,

Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job, by Eric Gundersen

Bush on pre-war intelligence, by Eric Gundersen

Decider, by Golden Meanie

Fake Promises, by Pat Crowley

I've Got a Crush on Obama, by RingTones08

Thursday, May 24th, 2007Old Fan Club Photo Strips

Hello reader peoples,

If anyone has one of the old fan club photo strips I have an idea.
If you can scan them and send them to

we'll post them and give you credit and send you something through the mail if you wish.
Let's see what's still out there, yes?

Sunday, May 13th, 2007New Ledge photos posted

A few new Ledge photos from our March 10, 2007 show at the El Rio in San Francisco have been posted - check it out on his MySpace page by clicking here -or- you can view the updated photo slideshow in the photos/videos section.

Thursday, May 10th, 2007Another Legendary Stardust Cowboy show added

We've added another Ledge show - come join us at - Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - CLUB EUROPA, 98 Meserole Ave (@Manhattan Ave), Brooklyn, New York.

Saturday, April 21st, 2007Two new shows added - Legendary Stardust Cowboy

Thursday, 5/17/07 @Maxwell's, Hoboken, New Jersey; Saturday, 5/19/07 @Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio

Friday, March 30th, 2007Photographs from 1980, Rotenburg, Germany!

Added to photo gallery - Dead Kennedys. Thanks to W. Wiggers for posting them to flickr!

Thursday, March 29th, 2007Legendary Stardust Cowboy show confirmed - tickets go on sale March 30

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy with the Altamont Boys + Daniel Johnston + Bang on a Can Allstars ... The Highline Festival curated by David Bowie. Wednesday, May 16, 2007 @Highline Ballroom, 431 West 16th St., NY, NY. Tickets on sale - March 30, 2007

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007New Go Going Gone Girls photo slideshow from March 2nd show!

Hey, Just want to send out a big thanks for all the familiar faces and some not too familiar for showing up at Annies Social Club last night (March 2, 2007) for the big send off for Audrey and Debbie.

CLICK HERE to view the updated slideshow!

If anybody wants to copy this to their myspace or whatever - then just grab the code that appears under the slideshow.

Thanks all and a special thanks to Bridget for the photos.


Thursday, January 11th, 2007Some new old tunes added to the Listen page.

Plate of Shrimp (or Plato Shrimp) by Jumbo Shrimp in which I play guitar and we fit in a few not so discreet tribute passages.

Shortnin' Bread-the first solo single 1981....4 track Teac, the A side of Drowning Cowboy.

Saturday, December 9th, 2006New old song up in Listen

Thr 45 only release of Five Year Pland "Hungry Tonight" with David Brian Vocals and Guitar, Nancy McDonald Guitar and backing vocals, Rob Davis Drums, and me (ummm..Klaus) on bass. Written by David Brian

This came out around '94 and still is eerily appropriate.

Give it a whirl.

Thursday, December 7th, 2006New photos posted!

New photos from the November 11, 2006 - Ledge concert now online. Click on Photos and Videos while they're still new!!-> Videos and Video Stills.

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006Dirk Dirksen, mentor and Friend passes away


On Sunday night The Pope died. Dirk Dirksen The Pope of Punk passed away in his sleep.

Dirk who booked and managed The Mabuhay Gardens, gave not just the D.K.'s, but so many other band their starts, and gave people in the world a whole different look at punk and theatre that many never would have experienced had it not been for him. His drive, (he was at The "Fab Mab" seven nights a week for years), his set of standards, (give people a SHOW but give bands a chance), and his
sense of humor ("Go home to the gutters you came from" he would taunt the audience at the end of the night) all made him an unforgettable and irreplaceable man. If Dirk hadn't given us our initial shows, we would still be D.K's but not the same D.K,'s.

One cannot put a value on his advice and friendship over the years,
both during the Mabuhay and On Broadway years and after.
His gruff exterior was mostly theater, for the man had a good soul.

He will be sorely, sadly missed. The place just won't be the same
without him around, but we are all better from having known him.

As he would always say, "onward and upward."

- Klaus Flouride, Dead Kennedys, 21-November-2006


Dirk Dirksen (L), Ted Falconi/Flipper (R) @The Fillmore, San Francisco - Fab Mab Reunion

Saturday, November 18th, 2006Michael Loebs, Fancy Dan & Klaus Flouride perform OutKast's HEY YA!

13-November-2006. @The Hotel Utah, San Francisco. See flash slideshow in the photos + video section.

Friday, November 3rd, 2006The next big thing!!!

O.k.,... so Klaus, what can we expect to hear from you next???

Friday, November 3rd, 2006The Next BIG THING!!!!!

that's what my people told me tosay....ummm
So you wondering what's next. JUST TOTAL STUPENDOUS BRIALLIANCY!!!!

or maybe that's setting the bar a bit high.


just that, maybe without all the capitals.

stay tuned here, and in"listen", and other spots on the page.

life should be ...enjoyable. For everyone.

How about that for a goal on a global scale.

I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

oh drat, ...all those capitals overstate my point again.